27 January 2022


Are universities neglecting existing students to protect their income?

On Tuesday, 10 August, 2021, an earlier date than usual, students across the country received their A-level grades...

Banter: racism or cultural differences?

So before people start baying for my blood, I would establish that...

Piers Morgan: Crusader of Reason or Failed Journalist?

‘Go f*ck yourself!’, booms James Acaster, followed by a wave of shock, laughter, and cheering from the studio audience. The target of the comedian’s...

Do you feel safe? Female students discuss their experiences in the wake of Sarah Everard’s death

By Lauren Taylor | The news of the past couple of weeks has been difficult to digest for many...

Government oversteps the mark with sexist COVID advert

By Charlotte Bice | Most of the time it feels like, as a society, we have made distinct progress...

Marginalised Voices: Fat shaming is far from over

By Meg Wellman | Have you ever been humiliated or judged for your body size and appearance? This...

A Lockdown We Are Learning To Love

By Lauren Taylor | At the age of 19, I am in a happy, 2-year long relationship - yet...

Consumerism and the death of social media

By Sophie Butt | On his most recent episode of Views, YouTuber David Dobrik discussed how much influencers...

We Race as One?

By Georgina Melia |

Marginalised Voices: sexism’s in the name

By Nadia Leigh-Hewitson | Patrilineality is family identity and naming convention derived from and recorded through patriarchal lineage. It’s...

Marginalised Voices: breaking the stigma – miscarriage and Meghan Markle’s voice

By Lauren Taylor | Last month, the world found out that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, suffered from...

Must Read

‘Planet Over Profit’: youth activists protest against fast fashion in Truro

Around 20 youth protesters gathered in Truro on Saturday to protest against the fast fashion industry, its...
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COVID-19: University of Exeter to remove mask mandate but urges ‘responsibility’

The University of Exeter has updated its COVID-19 policies, including removing its on-campus mask mandate, following the...

‘Three years of hot air’: climate protesters lambast Cornwall Council

With the third anniversary of their climate emergency declaration approaching, a coalition of climate protesters gathered outside...

Highlights of the PDC World Darts Championship 2021/22

Mowhawks, outrageous colours, audience fancy-dress, top tier commentary, sing-a-longs and some great darts, this article reflects back on the 2021/22 PDC World Darts Championship!