4 March 2021


In Love with the Shape of You – Down with the “Perfect” Body

Written by Perry Wyatt |   In our world, it is easy to think critically about our bodies. When we have individuals like the Kardashians continuously...

The Online Rundown

Written By Katie Horsgood | With the online market growing so rapidly, how is anyone meant to know where’s best to shop that will satisfy...

Party Season Attire Not Sorted? Here Are 6 Winning Winter Dresses

Written By Amy Saunders Pesce |   Christmas season is fast approaching which means Christmas parties are on the way. And there is a whole range of...

Special Advent Calendars of 2018

Written by Alice Page |   Advent Calendars have really stepped their game up in recent years by diverting from the traditional chocolate that we are...

Vegan Winter Apparel

Written by Melissa Watt |   Vegan fashion has recently been at the forefront of industry innovation, by ensuring that cruelty-free fashion is accessible and luxurious....

Primark Sportswear Reigns Autumn/Winter

Written By Katie Horsgood |     With 2018 drawing to a rapid close and a new year on the horizon, we start to hear all the...

Winter Beauty Essentials

Written by Alice Page |   With winter fast approaching we can see the beauty shelves switch from sun cream and body oil, to moisture masks...

Seasonal Trends

Written by Amy Saunders Peace |   September marks the end of the summer. Autumn brings unpredictable bouts of warmth and chill, so shopping for these few months...
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Must Read

“News of the World” is a disappointing waste of potential

by Tomas Babicki | Paul Greengrass’ first major departure from the contemporary socio-political thriller genre, with which his...
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FA Student Foodie: a recipe for supporting Eating Disorders Awareness Week

By Gabbie Wright | Since starting the FA Student Foodie two years ago we have received tons of great...

Government oversteps the mark with sexist COVID advert

By Charlotte Bice | Most of the time it feels like, as a society, we have made distinct progress...

2021 SU election results announced

The Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union has today announced the 2021 SU election results via Facebook following...