4 March 2021


The best local bookshops

By Kira Orchard | Reading is a hobby that has been enjoyed for centuries, meaning there is certainly no...

Social distancing yourself from an artistic slump

by Georgia Laity | There is no denying that we are currently living through a historic moment in time....

Bend and snap-back: what can we expect from Legally Blonde 3?

by Lucy Sherburn | In 2001, the world met the fabulous, determined sorority girl, Elle Woods, dressed in pink...

Educate Yourself: seven essential resources for learning about anti-racism

by Anna Muir | Disclaimer: As a person with white privilege, I've learnt that it is my responsibility...

‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ and empowering the female voice

by Dan Bater | 'Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich' is a gripping four-part Netflix documentary...

Creative Voices: Terra Nova

by Beatrice Steele | At the bottom of Hollow Hills, eight miles from Independence...

Creative Voices: My Dad and the Stingrays

by Kayleigh White | when i was little

Must Read

FA Student Foodie: a recipe for supporting Eating Disorders Awareness Week

By Gabbie Wright | Since starting the FA Student Foodie two years ago we have received tons of great...
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Government oversteps the mark with sexist COVID advert

By Charlotte Bice | Most of the time it feels like, as a society, we have made distinct progress...

2021 SU election results announced

The Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union has today announced the 2021 SU election results via Facebook following...

The hidden gems of Chinese cinema

By Tomas Babicki |