23 May 2022
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Blue House Sessions on making music in lockdown

Karlis and Oli, two music students at Falmouth University, are Blue House Sessions. Based in Penryn, the two started recording covers in their sitting...

Piers Morgan: Crusader of Reason or Failed Journalist?

‘Go f*ck yourself!’, booms James Acaster, followed by a wave of shock, laughter, and cheering from the studio audience. The target of the comedian’s exaggerated outburst?: TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, who had suggested on The...

Dishonest and dangerous: Run Hide Fight misses the mark

A black hoodie. A loaded rifle. Upturned tables and empty halls. The tropes of an American school shooting are so recognisable that they border...

Union Busting, Disease and Sweatshop Labour: The True Cost of Fashion

Ask most people in the UK and, more often than not, they’ll be able to tell you what a sweatshop is. Thanks to non-profits...

A Divided Nation: the Lead Writing Team’s Analysis of the 2020 US Presidential Election

This article was written collaboratively by the Falmouth Anchor’s Lead Writing Team: Pavandeep Singh Josan, Beatrice Steele, and Scott Thomson | Over a month has...

Viral trends: is TikTok the secret to success for the music industry?

It’s no secret that entertainment has been dramatically affected by COVID-19; previously safe businesses have been forced to innovate or risk falling by the...

Bland and toothless: ‘balance’ isn’t the BBC’s only problem

At the BBC, politics and comedy are intertwined. Some of its longest running comedic shows centre around political commentary: Have I Got News for...

Why toxic productivity culture is harmful and what we can do about it

During lockdown, time has never felt more fluid. Days that are indistinguishable from the next melt into one other. Whole weeks last the blink...