27 June 2022
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‘The King’s Man’ and ‘No Time to Die’ are weak on issues of cultural...

There has perhaps been no better barometer of British establishment values in the twentieth century than the James Bond movies. Now one of the...

The Future is Nuclear: The Nuclear Power Debate and COP26

Perhaps you’ve heard of Greenpeace, one of the world’s largest and oldest environmental protection NGOs. Since 1969, they’ve fought tirelessly against exploitative fishing, habitat...

Meet the students pushing for ‘Sustainable Sex’

In response to the worldwide demand to reduce carbon emissions and plastic waste, a group of University of Exeter students has begun to campaign...
ghosts holding a carved pumpkin

Five costumes you’re definitely going to see this Halloween

For so many people, Halloween is a time for creativity and self-expression: the best outfits are ones that their creators have clearly put a...

The internet is nowhere and everywhere in new ‘Outside the Algorithm’ exhibition

With its Jubilee bathing pool and views over the historic St Michael's Mount, Penzance isn’t the first place you might expect to encounter online...

Falmouth University hosts ‘Reporting Earth’ summit

On Tuesday, Falmouth University hosted the “Reporting Earth” summit, showcasing the prototypes of five projects from young journalists around the world in a bid...

An interview with Penfession II

In August, the administrators of the popular student Facebook page Penfession announced that they intended to close the page at the end of the...

‘Line of Duty’ exposes the banal reality of police corruption

Line of Duty is, at its core, an extremely silly show. Although writer Jed Mercurio based its premise on real-world policing, the central plotline...