23 May 2022
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A Lockdown We Are Learning To Love

By Lauren Taylor | At the age of 19, I am in a happy, 2-year long relationship - yet there are people I know from...

Has Jeremy Corbyn really returned from exile?

By Oluwatomisin Ojomo | Jeremy Corbyn’s return to politics will have a significant effect within the Labour party, which will inevitably undermine the credibility...

A Retort to: “Trump’s Army of Angry White Men”

By Jack Edwards | Epilogue: “Yonder: mounting the crest of the hill, the red wave rises. A sea of disgruntled ‘angry white men’, donning...

Jeremy Corbyn: Anti-Semite Or Scapegoat?

Written by Ojomo Oluwatomisin | What really is anti-Semitism? It is simply animosity and hate towards the Jewish culture, its been ongoing for decades...

Are students being problematic in the pandemic?

By Ella Metcalfe | The last few months have seen a phenomenal increase in new cases of COVID-19. Recent daily cases are more than ten...

Boris’ calorie count initiative: Mixed messages mess with mental health

By Lauren Taylor | With the reopening of the hospitality industry, the government's “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme sounded like a dream come true...