23 May 2022
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Meet the fashion students turning their bedrooms into studios

By Amalie Andersen | With blood, sweat and Covid-19 sewn into their clothes, a class of third-year Fashion Design students are five months away from...

Constricting or liberating: the corset revival in review

By Sophie Butt | I have always loved period dramas. The romance, the female-centred roles and let's not forget the aesthetics. My dream is to be an extra in a Keira...

From rags to riches: Inside Samantha Drage’s recycled fashion collection

By Charlie Todd | We all know the mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle. However, one designer has taken this to the extreme. Samantha Drage, 17, is a...

À la mode ou a la maison: How coronavirus has changed fashion week

By Priyankha Khindri | They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but its father is surely creativity. Nothing encapsulates this better than the...

Designing the Future: Redress Award 2020 Finalists Revealed

By Melissa Watt | In its 10th year running, the finalists of the Redress Design Award 2020 have been revealed. Formerly known as the EcoChic Design...

Regaining a sense of style during lockdown

By Amalie Andersen | A few weeks ago, I invested in a beautiful dress from Birger Christensen's Rotate collection. I pictured myself wearing it for...

Remembering the Rana Plaza

By Melissa Watt | Nothing exposed the failures of fast fashion like the news of the Rana Plaza factory collapse. Today marks the 7th anniversary...

The NHS are calling for more male blood donors

By Joe Buncle | The NHS has recently launched a campaign to encourage more men to give blood. In 2019, 74,645 new donors were female,...