22 May 2022
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Marginalised Voices: Fat shaming is far from over

By Meg Wellman | Have you ever been humiliated or judged for your body size and appearance? This is fat shaming - treating those...

Consumerism and the death of social media

By Sophie Butt | On his most recent episode of Views, YouTuber David Dobrik discussed how much influencers should charge per advertisement, and the...

We Race as One?

By Georgina Melia | Formula One’s successful, somewhat miraculous, 2020 season has just finished under the fireworks of Abu Dhabi. As is the nature...

Marginalised Voices: sexism’s in the name

By Nadia Leigh-Hewitson | Patrilineality is family identity and naming convention derived from and recorded through patriarchal lineage. It’s traditional, Biblical, institutional and systemic sexism....

Marginalised Voices: breaking the stigma – miscarriage and Meghan Markle’s voice

By Lauren Taylor | Last month, the world found out that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, suffered from a miscarriage in July. The heart...

Christmas consequences: the reality of the student travel window

By Molly Gray | The Sports Centre on Penryn Campus is usually a fun and lively place where people go to be with friends,...

Fireworks spark fury – are they more dangerous than they’re worth?

By Lauren Taylor | This year, the arrival of Bonfire Night has sparked a lot of debate around the necessity of fireworks and their...

Marginalised Voices: Being Transgender in 2020

By Charlie Todd | Being a transgender or non-binary individual in British society has never been easy, and it’s not getting any easier.  2020 has...