23 May 2022
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Bottle Match: a roundup

A round-up of all the scores from 2022's bottle matches!

Bottle spotlight: CSM vs RSM Rugby

A run-down of what happened at the 2022 rugby bottle match

France v Ireland: a defining fight for the Six Nations title

France v Ireland saw the two favourites of the Six Nations go to battle on the rugby pitch. Despite being only the second week of the tournament, the game was pivotal for the entire tournament.

Nine months later: 10 things to look for this F1 season

9 months after it was visiting, this article is revisiting its thoughts and predictions!

Antonio Conte: (another) new era for Tottenham Hotspur

As the final whistle blew at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on 21 November, with a 2-1 win against Leeds, the start of Antonio Conte’s...

‘The French Dispatch’ is an immersive world of storytelling

Seeing the poster for The French Dispatch, pride of place, by the entrance of The Plaza cinema in Truro, I could barely contain my...

Russian grand prix: A story of heartbreak and history

The Russian grand prix promised action and thrills and delivered heartbreak and history.

A guide to sport in Cornwall

From football and rugby to the more distinctively Cornish shinty and wrestling - this guide covers some of the sports you can expect to encounter in Cornwall!