30 June 2022
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Warm, fuzzy and over-the-top: the best of Netflix’s festive favourites

By Lauren Taylor | I confess, I am obsessed with the cringe, over-the-top Christmas films that Netflix produce every year. They are the best form...

Creative Voices: Caul of the sea

By Ellianna Manville | According to legend I cannot drown. Someone perhaps more sensible would take that, not as fact, but as a vaguely...

Ambitious and controversial: The Crown season 4 takes a daring turn

Season 4 is a seismic shift from safer climes to a daring, icy wilderness fit for bewildering times. By Adam Newman | The Crown has become...

Keep dancing: some Strictly sparkle is just what we need right now

By Lauren Taylor | Every Saturday night from October to December, I get into my comfy clothes with a cup of tea in hand (maybe...

I’m Thinking of Ending Things: making sense of the nightmare

By Ollie Bradfield | This review contains spoilers. “Directed by Charlie Kaufman” was all I needed to see in the trailer to get excited about...

The wonderfully frightening world of Hanatarash

by Beatrice Steele | In 1985, a Japanese noise band staged one of the most memorable and controversial gigs in the history of music. The...
hand reaching into flowers

Creative Voices: Introspection for Eighteen

by Danny Wakely | cw: mention of blood and injury. Introspection for Eighteen You permeate As though attached to me Still at the hip. Severed arteries to rip myself...

Forgotten freelancers: the arts industry professionals who have been left behind

At the start of the pandemic, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, famously said that no one would have to face COVID-19 alone,...