Bottle Match: a roundup

Bottle Match Graphic | Holly Northam

See our “bottle spotlight” articles for some pitch-side reporting for the men and women’s hockey and the rugby.

The bottle match delivered strong results for many CSM teams and was enjoyed by many. It was also a welcome return for the teams to enjoy their most competitive fixture of the year.

Let’s see how everyone did!


It’s safe to say that netball absolutely dominated this year’s bottle match — winning 82-5 against RSM. RSM could not keep up with, or defend against, the speed and physicality of the CSM team. The score line certainly reflects CSM’s impressive skill on the court. Their significant victory was well-celebrated!


Badminton took place on the Friday evening and saw some intense battles on the courts. Captain of the men’s badminton team, Jackson Chan, proved to be especially tough competition for RSM in the men’s singles, winning all his games. RSM, were however proved very skilled challengers and pushed CSM men hard. It ended in a 5-3 loss, but the matches were very tight and victory constantly hung in the balance. The mixed games saw more overall, joy winning 9-0. Every point was hard earned. Overall, a 12-5 win for the badminton team meant a very positive campaign for the badminton team.

Bottle winners | CSM Badminton Inst


Much like Netball’s soaring win, tennis also brought a very convincing result. The team demolished RSM with a 24 sets to 0 victory. The good weather allowed the match to be played in good conditions. This result will certainly not be forgotten for the players.


Continuing the theme of success, each squash player won their matches three games to nil, making it 12 games to nil overall. RSM’s squash team is still relatively young, so experience certainly was the winning ingredient for these matches. CSM Squash, as a society, said: “It’s really good to see RSM throwing themselves in and slowly building a squash society, we wish them the best of luck for the next bottle.”


Topping off this roundup that has displayed the great success of CSM is the 2-1 win by the men’s football team. It was a well-earned win by CSM and the supporters were out in full force to cheer the side on to victory.


RSM Lacrosse were unfortunately unable to field a team so CSM’s eyes turn to other fixtures and the hope of next year’s Lacrosse bottle battle to deliver the goods.

Over the two days of bottle matches, it was great to see so many people enjoying different sports and the goods the matches had to offer. And, with Cornwall delivering sunshine and blue skies, the mood was lifted even higher. After the difficult two years we’ve experienced, it’s great to see sport continuing to act as a way to bring people together again. Many people went to watch sports they had never watched before, for some it was a chance to see a sport in action for the first time in a long while, and for others it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy some cider in the sunshine. It’s safe to say that the 2022 Bottle matches were a raging success in a multitude of ways.