SU elections: ‘Why should students vote for you?’

Peter Lanyon Building | Lars Mucklejohn

With voting now open at The Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union webpage, Falmouth University and University of Exeter Cornwall students will elect their new presidents for the 2022/23 academic year.

In order to help our readers to make a decision when casting their votes in this election, we asked all the candidates the same question: “Why should the students vote for you?” Here is what they have to say.


Kira Orchard

“I’ve spent the past two years volunteering with the SU as a part-time officer. I have met so many amazing people and had the pleasure of working with two sets of presidents. This year, I hope to follow in their footsteps and oversee that my manifesto is completed. I believe I am the best candidate for the role of president of welfare and inclusivity because I am an empathetic person that wants to encourage students to feel welcome enough to come and share their concerns and feedback with myself and my fellow sabbatical officers directly!”

Social media: @vote_kira

Michael Carney

“My strategy for reformation of equality, accessibility, diversity, and support, otherwise known as READS, is more than a mantra—it is a call for urgent change. My election would not only mean an individual fit for the role after two years of volunteer service across three different SU positions attempting to tackle these same issues in spare time, but in doing so, a voice will be heard stating that we are sick of this $&*%, and it is well overdue that we address these fundamental flaws rooted deep within the very function of various entities present across all of our campuses.”

Byron Crowhurst

“I’ve studied at Falmouth University for almost four years now. Throughout my time here, I’ve been a student rep, student mentor, and PASS Leader. I’ve always been looking for ways to give back and improve the university experience for others. You should vote for me because I want to make lasting and impactful changes and hold both universities accountable for their shortcomings while celebrating and encouraging all the things they do well. I’d also like to encourage you to make use of the voting system and rank candidates in terms of preference, rather than just voting for one!”


Luke Court

“Having never been a part of the SU before running for president, I understand what it is like to feel that the SU is inaccessible. I was never a course rep, I was not on a committee and I had no links to society. I will represent the students who have felt left behind by their union. Students who feel their voice is not heard. Becoming president would give me the opportunity to join the SU and act as a brand new, fresh pair of eyes. I will highlight where the SU is falling short. It is my priority to ensure that every Falmouth student is represented and able to get the absolute most out of their university experience.”

Social media: @countoncourtsu

Alice Warren

“Students should vote for me as their next Falmouth president because I will be a friendly face and an approachable president that students can come to with any concerns or worries. I would love the chance to be Falmouth president and continue the work I have put in as a Fashion Design course rep and to be able to represent all Falmouth students! My main manifesto points are: personal safety, mental health, the REP system, and sustainability. I would love to speak to you all and hear your views, so feel free to send me a message or have a chat in person if you see me around!”

Social media: @warrenforthewin


Catherine Smith

“I think the SU president roles hold such a unique situation of power for new graduates or, in some cases, undergraduates. You get to sit in on top tier university board meetings whilst being able to stand up for what you believe in and use your voice to help the students you are representing. I feel confident in my ability to speak for the students of Penryn and Truro for the changes that are listed in my manifesto, and I truly believe in the points that I’m campaigning for. There is so much good that can come from the work done by the presidents, and I have the drive to make change happen.”

Social media: @catherine.exe.pres

Georgi Roberts

“I’ve been involved in academic representation at the university throughout my undergrad degree, from being a course rep in my first year to being elected as Bioscience co-chair for the past two years. I already know how to amplify your voice at the highest level of decision making. President Exeter feels like the next step in representing the student body. My manifesto stands for issues that I believe affect the whole student body, which is why I’m determined to bring about positive change and make your learning experience at the University of Exeter, Cornwall, the best it can be.”

Social media: @geeforexe

Roman Rodriguez

“One of my favourite parts about being a student in Falmouth is the community feel we have. Since moving here, I have made many strong connections and friendships whilst also being a student rep and having a position on a sports committee. Therefore, I believe I have become a well-rooted member of the university community here in Falmouth. I always like to live my life with a smile, not only does it make each day more fun, but it is important to radiate positive energy. I’m not about making false promises; I will truly ensure changes are implemented for the better.”

Social media: @roman_for_president


Tom James

“Hi, I’m Tom, and I’m running for student experience. I feel that you should entrust your vote with me as throughout my time at the university I’ve been involved with representing students both in academia and societies. With my manifesto points, I have made them tailored to the role and achievable so that I can achieve everything I have promised as well as be able to maximise my time with carrying out what the students want to achieve using my fifth pledge and what I hear throughout the year!”

Social media: @tom_se22

Lauren Taylor

“There are multiple reasons why I believe students should vote for me. First, I believe I have an incredibly strong manifesto. It is filled with innovative ideas to improve the student experience, I am passionate about each and every one of them. I know exactly what I stand for, which is why my manifesto has been inspired by multiple conversations with students. Each point has been carefully curated with my knowledge of the SU, its practices and what can be achieved. Further, I believe that my experience in multiple society committees and student representation shows how much I care about improving the student experience. I have been involved in the SU since my first year at university, and I feel as though my work supporting students is simply not done. Being elected president student experience will provide me with a platform to offer more inclusive, accessible and unique opportunities to students, regardless of any factor.” 

Social media: @tayloredforyouu

Now that the candidates have had their say, it is time for the students to cast their votes and elect their representatives for the new year. Polls will close at noon on Thursday, 3 March.