Candidate Voices: Georgi Roberts for President Exeter

The Anchor is pleased to offer a platform for the 2022 SU presidential candidates to make their pitch to students. The views expressed in this piece are not representative of the Anchor but of the candidate.

Students can vote online between 12pm on 28 February and 12pm on 3 March.

| Georgi Roberts

Hello Falmouth Anchor readers! I’m Georgi, and I’m running for President Exeter. I’m a third-year Marine Biology student and spend my time here getting involved with the stuff that matters to me. I’ve been involved in academic representation at the University throughout my undergraduate degree, becoming a course rep in my first year, which led to me being elected as Bioscience co-chair for two years in a row. President Exeter feels like the next step in representing you, the student body, using my experience to amplify your voice at the highest level of decision making. 

My experience in academic representation and my own learning experience as a student has inspired my manifesto, which incorporates issues that have affected the student body in the past few years and will continue to do so unless significant changes are implemented.  

My Manifesto: 

1. Improving Academic Support 

I believe that academic support should be available for those who feel like they need it. Although the University already has some fab advice and services in place, these can be hard to find and access. Creating a better academic support system would mean access to all the tools you need to succeed directly at your fingertips, with better signposting and better support services in place.  

2. Covid Adjustments  

Covid has impacted all of our lives, and it’s essential that we remember this as we move forward to a more ‘normal’ future. There will be an adjustment period within the coming years that will see students all over the country finishing, continuing or beginning their university experience in the aftermath of the pandemic. During this time, students in all cohorts will need support and advice, especially those that feel that the pandemic has had a detrimental impact on their learning experience or grades. I will ensure that no one forgets how hard the student body has been affected, and I am prepared to lobby for fee reductions or reimbursements at a national level.  

3. Exeter Connect 

For many of us, the Penryn campus feels very disconnected from the Truro campus and even more so from Streatham. Exeter Connect would involve a series of connections, be it travel links from Truro to Penryn/Falmouth, campus visits from Penryn to Streatham, collaborative societies across all three campuses, or virtual learning on a module offered at Streatham. Using this as a platform, I hope to ease the second-class citizenship that’s often felt on the Penryn campus and provide much-needed support and inclusion to the medical students at Truro. Furthermore, with this connection, I hope to understand what the Cornwall campuses need, particularly for the students at Truro, who do not feel like they are on a University campus.  

4. Rebuilding a Sense of Community 

After the pandemic, rebuilding a sense of community amongst the student body has never been more critical. Being part of a community can make you feel more at home and boost your confidence as a student. The community I would like to rebuild here is one that is firmly rooted in Cornish culture, with links to local suppliers, Government, and organisations that can foster better relationships between students and the wider community. I want you to feel proud of being a University of Exeter, CORNWALL, student because what we have here is so unique and special that it deserves to be celebrated and enjoyed.  

5. Sustainability 

As a Marine Biology student with a passion for the conservation of our planet, sustainability is a topic that is close to my heart. Creating a more sustainable campus is not something I can do alone, and we all have a part to play. The University is already working towards becoming more sustainable. However, there is always more that can be done. I promise that I will support this critical journey every step of the way, along with your help to bring about the changes you want to see on the Cornwall campuses. 

I am dedicated, caring and strong-willed, and I am determined to bring about the change that you want to see. I hope I can represent you as your next President Exeter!