Candidate Voices: Alice Warren for Falmouth President

The Anchor is pleased to offer a platform for the 2022 SU presidential candidates to make their pitch to students. The views expressed in this piece are not representative of the Anchor but of the candidate.

Students can vote online between 12pm on 28 February and 12pm on 3 March.

Hello! I’m Alice and I’m campaigning to be your next Falmouth President!  

Alice Warren Candidate for Falmouth President | Alice Warren

I’m a third-year fashion design student with a passion for sustainability within fashion and the environment. I am campaigning to become Falmouth President because I would love to work with like-minded individuals to make positive changes.

I have been a Course Rep for Fashion Design for two years and have loved working with my fellow course mates and the Student’s Union to create positive changes such as making sure that we have an end of year fashion show to celebrate all our hard work.  

My Manifesto:

  • Personal Safety – Providing more options for students to protect themselves, such as: improving and running safe and fun events in the Stannary year-round, working alongside the police and Cornwall council to make Falmouth a safer place for students. 
  • Mental Health – Working with the university to improve the Wellbeing service so that more students are able to get access to the help they deserve without needing to be in a crisis. 
  • Reps – Improving the REP system and working with Course and Department Reps to resolve any problems by making sure that we have termly meetings to catchup and allow us to make positive changes for students. 
  • Sustainability – Reducing the amount of disposable items and packaging around campus by working with the university. Creating a way that Koofi, Fox Cafe and the campus shop can sell off any waste/working on developing an app for student’s to use as a way of reducing food waste. 

How will I achieve this? 

Personal Safety 

Understandably, many students are worried about their personal safety with the recent rise spiking incidents. To allow students to feel safer, I aim to make sure that bouncers and bar staff in the Stannary take part in further training to better protect students and so they know how best to help in the event of any type of spiking incident. I would like to work with the police to highlight any areas around Falmouth and Penryn that are unsafe and collaborate with the police and Cornwall Council to develop a personal safety app for students.  

Mental Health 

I will converse with the university to train and employ more councillors, so that more students can access the help that they are entitled to, without needing to be in a time of crisis. 

I have already begun working with the University by being involved in their discussions around Wellbeing. I am a member of the Wellbeing Panel which aims to gain a variety of student’s opinions about their wellbeing throughout their time at university, and then work on creating positive solutions.  


I would love to input some training sessions for Reps before they start in their position, so that they are more equipped with resourced and have a wider knowledge base on how to help with different situations. I would also host drop-in sessions for Falmouth Course and Department Reps so that we can work in unison to develop the best possible solutions.  


With sustainability in mind, I would like to reduce the amount of disposable packaging and disposable items around the campus shop, the Stannary, Fox Café and Koofi. I would like to collaborate with Falmouth university and potentially students to redesign any packaging that absolutely needs to be single use, to make sure that this is biodegradable/recyclable/made from recycled materials. 

To reduce both campus’s food waste, I would aim to collaborate with a team of developers to create an app where students can collect any food waste at the end of the day for a reduced price, from either campus. This would be a great way of helping both campuses to cut down their food waste and would also allow students to receive food for a much cheaper price than usual.  

I am passionate about becoming Falmouth President and making some great changes that benefit all current and future students, and I hope that I can count on your vote!  

You can follow my campaigning journey through Facebook and Instagram.