It’s Christmas: Top tips to get into the Christmas spirit

It’s been another difficult year – January began with a nationwide lockdown and COVID still looms over us. But as we edge into the winter months, it is not all dark and gloomy. It’s also a time of love and festivities because… it’s Christmas! *insert gif of Will Ferrell here*

We might as well end the year on a high and go into 2022 in good spirits and I believe that one of the best ways to do that is to fully embrace the spirit of Christmas. But it is overwhelming – there’s so much to do, so much to see, so many presents to buy. So here are my top tips to get into the Christmas spirit. You can slowly ease yourself into it by taking these suggestions, or if you’re like me and you decorated your house on November 1st, you might have already completed most of this list.

To me, Christmas is about family and friends, and each one of these activities I would do with them

Decorate your house

It seems like the most sensible first step into Christmas. Get those boxes out of the attic or the spare room and begin turning your space into a winter wonderland of sorts. If you don’t want to go crazy with the decorations, just have a simple tree with minimal decorations. You can get small, 2ft trees for only £2 in chain stores such as Poundland or Wilko, as well as selections of decorations for as little as £1. Also, charity shops sell an array of decorations around this time of year if you would prefer to buy second-hand.

Crack on the Christmas tunes

Make yourself a Christmas playlist on Spotify, turn on the Christmas music channel on your TV or simply listen to your favourite radio station — they will likely be playing Christmas songs on repeat! With an array of Christmas songs out there, I’m sure there will be a handful that you’ll love (or at least tolerate) enough to hear most days of December.

Watch a Christmas film

Similarly, with the sheer amount of Christmas movies out there, and even more coming out on Netflix and other streaming services each year, there must be a selection of Christmas films that you can happily pop on in the background as you go about your day. If you’re a hardcore Christmas lover, maybe follow along with a Christmas film a day challenge to ensure you can fit in your favourite classics alongside your modern choices.

Go to a Christmas market

This kills two festive birds with one stone. You can indulge yourself in the Christmas atmosphere whilst also completing the majority of your Christmas shopping in one place. Truro Christmas Market is running all the way until Christmas Eve, and it is filled with small Cornish businesses selling food, prints, clothes and much more. Why not visit and get a bit merry with some mulled wine and enjoy some sweet treats from one of the stalls?

Do some Christmas baking

If you are skilful in the kitchen and love to whip up some treats, you can make yourself and your friends, family, and work colleagues some Christmas goodies. Cupcakes, gingerbread men, mince pies, yule log… The list goes on! Put on some festive music or a film in the background and get baking. If you’re not quite Great British Bake Off standard, get yourself a handy decoration kit from a local supermarket, featuring a pre-made gingerbread man so there is no way for you to burn the house down.

As you get older, the spirit of Christmas does begin to dwindle. Despite being a huge Christmas lover myself, I have to admit that over the past few years, Christmas hasn’t felt the same – I attribute this to the raging global pandemic and just simply getting older. However, anyone can enjoy Christmas if you focus on what parts of it are important to you. To me, Christmas is about family and friends, and each one of these activities I would do with them. Spending time with family doing Christmassy activities is what makes me feel festive, but of course, that is not the same for everyone. You may prefer to celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense, celebrating the birth of Jesus, or you may not celebrate it at all, or have other celebrations such as Hanukkah.

Whatever you choose to do and celebrate – if anything – make sure you enjoy it. Make the most of the final month of the year and make it the best you can.