Will a skatepark be built at Dracaena Playing Fields in Falmouth?

shawn henry/Unsplash

The Falmouth skateboarding community has been in need of a skatepark since the old, outdated steel park was demolished in 2014. Plans for the construction of a new park started in 2010, with an initial estimated cost of £525,000. It wasn’t until September this year when the council became aware of the real cost of building a new park. Taking into account expenses such as landscaping, the revised cost of building the new park, planned to be located at Dracaena Playing Fields, has risen to around £700,000.

The initial plans were to create a world-class skatepark that would bring skaters from all across the UK to Falmouth. Planning permission for the first design was approved in 2019. Since then, there have been alterations to the concept, slightly reducing the size.

“Virtually nothing avaIlable to smaller towns”

The company that has been contracted for supplying the materials needed to create the new park is Maverick, which has been involved in building new parks across the UK, including in Mount Hawke, Porthleven and St Ives. The company is known for its high-quality materials, which stand up to the test of time.

The most recent meeting on the matter was on 22 November, where discussions concerned funding, safety, and the construction of access roads and parking spaces surrounding the park. Mark Williams, the town clerk, spoke about funding and the potentials of “leisure packages” that can grant large sums to create new facilities in smaller towns. The new “levelling-up fund” was mentioned, as was how funding is allocated to Falmouth compared to Truro.

Simon Penna, a member of the council, expressed that there is “virtually nothing available to smaller towns” in the context of funding from the government.

Members from the Falmouth Skatepark Committee also attended the meeting. It seems like the community and council are working together to solve all of the problems that have prevented the skatepark from becoming a reality.

The new skatepark feels like it is so close to being built, it seems as though the only barrier to work starting is not having the solid funding necessary for the whole project. Although achieving funding is generally a difficult task, the combination of public funding, such as crowdfunding, and private funding, such as skate brand sponsorship, should make it possible.

As the council knows, the creation of a new skate park is not just a treat for the local skaters of Falmouth but it is also an investment into Falmouth’s future. Falmouth is a rapidly changing town with a large population of young adults and a growing culture, which is why it is so important for there to be support, spaces, and activities for young people to engage with. It encourages the progression of Falmouth as a community in a positive way rather than stagnating in its pastimes.