How to: Dress like a Fal girl

Typical Fal girl | Amalie Andersen

Maybe you’ve just moved down here, or maybe you’ve been here for a couple of years. Regardless, every time you take a stroll down the High Street you see the same girl. Every damn time. Let me introduce you: you’ve officially met “the Fal girl”.

There are a few things you need to know about this girl. First of all, it’s not Falmouth girl – it’s just Fal. You know, she’s chill, open and not into labels. The Fal girl hate Tories (and does not hesitate to share this on the gram), she eats vegan donuts at the Moor every Saturday and whenever it’s not too cold, she goes to Gylly with her girlfriends for a drink and a bonfire.

She sounds pretty cool, you might think. So, let’s get straight into it: How to dress like a Fal girl 101.


If you want to become a real Fal girl, don’t you dare to press “buy” on the ASOS website. While we’re on it — no more H&M, TopShop and I know you love the comfy underwear they sell at Primark, but no.

There are a few shops that the Fal girls go to whenever they feels like refreshing their wardrobe.

The Bean Hive, the pink shop located on the High Street close to Trago, has two rooms in the back with thrifted, vintage and overall “Fal girl worthy clothes”. Here you can pick up fluffy bucket hats, bright coloured maxi dresses and sunglasses for every head shape in the world.

Enjoy Clothing and The Mega Loft are the go-to thrift shops in Truro. Here, the Fal girl picks up pre-loved items such as purple velvet flares, crochet tops and vintage Nike hoodies in the men’s section.

Depop is also a go-to for the Fal girl.


As winter is approaching there are a few essentials you need to fill your wardrobe with, in order to keep up as a Fal girl.

First and foremost: The Natural Store tote. Every Fal girl has this essential tote bag. There’s not much to say about it. I mean, it’s a tote bag, but it does the job of separating the Fal girl from the rest of us.

While the maxi dresses and Birkenstocks are shoved in the back of the closet, Levi’s light blue bootcut jeans and Dr. Martens are seeing the light for the first time in a while.

Are you a true fal girl?

The Fal girl is often dressed with a trendy yet sustainably sourced pastel knitted sweater and coloured beaded necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

With the grim rainy weather and freezing temperatures, the Fal girl will occasionally be seen wearing a fleece, preferably white from the Patagonia or the new cool shop in town: Jam.

Are you a true Fal girl?

So, now that we’ve got that out of our way. Let’s check if you are on your way to become a real Fal girl.

Do you have the Natural Store Tote? If yes, good. If you have the university one, one from Glastonbury or a Lush one – try again, hon.

Do you own Dr. Martens? Yes, well done. One step closer. Any other boots will not do when trying to become a Fal girl. It’s harsh, but it’s a harsh world.

How often to you wear a knitted sweater? Whenever it’s cold. Great. You think they itch? It’s fashion, so get on with it.

You think your fashion style is unique? Yes. Great, every Fal girl will say that. If that’s not your answer, you need to switch your mindset.