‘Surfers Against Sewage’ protest at Gylly Beach

Protestors at the demonstration | Saksha Menezes

Around 40 people gathered on Gylly Beach on Saturday for the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice. This was a global day of demonstrations in light of the global climate talks, COP26, currently being hosted in Glasgow. 

Attracting protestors ranging from schoolchildren to older locals, this is an issue important to many different demographics. 

Particularly in Falmouth, the main issue protestors were concerned with was sewage pollution in Cornwall. Organised by She Swims Falmouth, they were voicing their support for the call for water companies to stop the practice of dumping sewage into the sea and waterways. 

Around 40 people gathered for the protest | Saksha Menezes

This was a particularly timely protest given that on Monday an amendment was sent to the House of Commons, calling for water companies to stop polluting oceans.

An organiser told the Anchor that “over the past month, we have seen nine sewage pollution alerts happening in Gylly Beach alone, and in 2020 we saw 400,000 pollution warnings”.

Talking to students, it was clear that the issue of sewage pollution is not fully appreciated unless you are an experienced swimmer. 

Protestors ranged from schoolchildren to older locals | Saksha Menezes

It was also clear that many students think the university must do more with regards to climate justice pledges. 

“We are a seaside university, and the beach is a pretty important part of the student experience.”

“The university definitely has a role to play in that.”

“It’s less the university and more students who take it upon themselves to keep up with sustainability and be aware of the sewage.”