Five costumes you’re definitely going to see this Halloween

ghosts holding a carved pumpkin
| cottonbro/Pexels

For so many people, Halloween is a time for creativity and self-expression: the best outfits are ones that their creators have clearly put a lot of time, energy, and imagination into. However, every year there are a couple of completely unoriginal costumes that get endlessly recycled by party-goers. Here are my predictions for what this year’s most popular costumes are going to be:

Squid Game

The South Korean Netflix show, starring Lee Jung-Jae and Wi Ha-Joon, could have been designed around providing simple designs for Halloween costumes. The players’ green tracksuits, and the guard’s pink overalls and masks, are easy to replicate, made with items that can be quickly ordered online. Due to this availability and uniformity, the characters from Squid Game are perfect for large groups to dress up as. The show is also now Netflix’ most successful show of all time, so there’s no doubt that lots of people are going to have the same idea.

In other Words, Harley combines being hot with looking like someone who could murder you with a baseball bat

Harley Quinn

Although undoubtedly due to the release of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, there will be a new wave of people dressed as Harley Quinn; ever since the original Suicide Squad movie in 2016, the streets on Halloween have been plagued by this character. My theory as to the reason this clown obsessed anti-hero is so consistently popular is because she is a combination of the ‘scary’ and ‘sexy’ types of Halloween costume. In other words, Harley combines being hot with looking like someone who could murder you with a baseball bat.

The Queen’s Gambit

Beth Harmon, the chess prodigy of another of Netflix’s most popular shows of the year, is surely going to be another favourite character to dress as this Halloween. Played by Anya Taylor-Joy, her combination of ruthless intelligence and fashionable elegance has already inspired thousands to take up chess, and while her aesthetic will be much more challenging to replicate than some of the other characters on this list, her most dedicated fans will undoubtedly be roaming the streets this October.

Addam’s Family

The Addams Family have been around since their original cartoon strips in 1938, the most iconic depiction of them being the 1964 television series. As a result, they’ve been a popular costume choice ever since Halloween began, partly because, like Squid Game, they’re a good pick for group costumes. More recently though, the Addams Family has seen a surge of interest due to an animated sequel released on October 1st, starring Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron, and the announcement of a stand-alone TV show focusing on Wednesday Addams.

James Bond

Finally, following the theme of smartly dressed men and women, James Bond is another obvious costume choice this year. No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s last outing as the British spy, performed amazingly at the box office, despite more than a year’s delay due to the COVID pandemic. Lots of people also already own the sharp suits required for the outfit, and the suaveness of the character makes for a very flattering costume.