Creative Voices: ‘like them’

‘swim like him’ | Cristian Palmer / Unsplash
Burn like her
Ride like her
Be free
He said to me
Your destiny is only beads in jars
Shaken now and again
To run the colours across your skin
And to be sewn to your jumpers
You hang on your bed Frame

Swim like Him
Seek like Him
She said to me
He is tired and tangled in these wires as
They cut through every Desire
Winning fire
That burns across the oceans
Spread out like a puppet
Distinct like a man
Weeping like a child
He claimed to be wild

Sing the birds song
They chant at me
A nuisance to the cat lady who wishes
They would obey silence
A wakening of the lovers who devour
In chat
And talk
Speak brave
Speak aloud
Roll the words off of your tongue
Practice in your bedroom until your mouth is dry
And can speak no further

Chase time
Life screams at me
Shove it in your pocket
Like an old receipt
Run from it
Cry from it
Seek it
Wish it over

Wash it through like an old rug
Squash it like a small bug
Immerse in it like bathing
In the August sun

And then maybe
You will be free