The Tape is a Cornish spiritual awakening


For those interested in Cornish Arts, Cornwall in film, or folk music, The Tape is a film that will stimulate your cultural interests and awaken your spirits.

The Tape is an independent film that follows the story of Tally (Martha Tilston), “Cornwall’s worst cleaner” and a disheartened musician, who meets a seemingly cold but soul-searching London lawyer called Leo (Lee Hart) whilst cleaning (or squatting) at a cottage looking over the mystical coast of south Cornwall.

The film provides a warm and honest depiction of romance, spirituality, and disillusionment of modern life, whilst deftly skirting around potential cheesy clichés and Cornish stereotypes. It charts how the meeting between Tally and Leo eventually leads to Tally reconnecting with her passion for performing and brings Leo out of a dispirited state of mind. The storyline highlights how when two different worlds collide, the outcome does not have to be conflict but can actually be quite beautiful.    

Tally is played by the folk singer and actor Martha Tilston, who also wrote and directed the project, and as such, the film is accompanied by a beautifully written and sung album of folk songs. The folk songs form an integral part of the storyline as, without giving too much away, Tally plays and records them whilst she is squatting at the coastal cottage, and they are also the songs that eventually change the direction of the lives of Tally and Leo.

The Tape is a Cornish Film through and through, with locations such as Prussia Cove, Porthtowan, and Penzance featuring. As well as this, many local actors were used in the film, including, quite oddly, my previous landlord’s assistant who played the role of Blaze, one of Tally’s friends! Behind the scenes, some of the equipment used to film the movie was lent by Falmouth University.

This film might not have the biggest actors in Hollywood or the biggest budget, but for what it lacks in those departments, it makes up for in its original and poignant storyline, spiritually invigorating soundtrack, and picturesque Cornish coastal scenes.

Now playing at the Phoenix, Falmouth.