Creative Voices: ‘A ready made bed’

DANNY G/Unsplash
I picked up the bird
I picked up sadness in a realm of peace
It stayed
The bird left
I drunk the rest of my coffee and left too
Images are painted around my mind like falling cliffs
I study the eyes of people that stand next to it
Catching falling rocks and opening their pockets
An insane world of economics
I’ll carry on asking why would you ever say that you
simply belong somewhere?
When really nowhere belongs to you?
We build up these places with people
Imagine if they were empty rooms
The rejected flowers
The ones that bloom
And on that afternoon
The smirks that filled the streets
The type that makes you feel uncomfortable and sick
Took a liking to a girl that walks alone
Corruption at its finest
Our homes are filled with ready-made beds for the
ones who are never made ready
And all their beautiful minds are put to sleep