Bop to the Top: The essential guide to clubbing in Falmouth

Dominik Mecko/Unsplash

Once again, September has rolled around, and a new academic year has begun. Like any good student, instead of wondering where Daphne Du Maurier seminar room two is, you’re probably thinking: “Where on earth is it good to go out around here?” Well don’t worry, I’m here to tell you as best I can. Keep reading for all the best spots in our little town to dance, drink and maybe get a cheeky snog…


If we’re talking clubs, Mangos is your first port of call. Bar and grill downstairs, nightclub upstairs. Mangos has lots to offer, including £1 house shots, karaoke on Wednesdays, DnB night on Thursdays, and a large range of bespoke shots only available there. Tell the bar staff you want a “slippery nipple” if you like Baileys and Sambuca.

Go early on busy nights if you want to get a stamp and pass your time away in Spoons or Games Room until you’re ready to dance. Cheapest entry is always going to be student night on a Wednesday, costing £3, whilst the most expensive night out is, of course, a Saturday, which is £5, when the locals are out in full force.

Club International (or Club I)

Club I has been dubbed the “worst club in town” and yet is somehow still a good time, if you like music that was good ten years ago, which, to be honest, I do occasionally. Pre-drink hard and prepare yourself for Flo Rida and maybe a bit of LMFAO with Party Rock Anthem and also some newly clean floors – apparently, they’ve taken up the infamously sticky carpet. How exciting.

Entry is always £5 and they close at 3am. It’s unlikely you’ll be turned away from Club I as they’re the biggest joint in town, so don’t worry about being early.



It doesn’t look like much at first, but Kings is one of the best night’s out you’ll have. This little pub clears the dance floor and gets in a DJ Wednesday night through Saturday. The drinks are reasonably priced, with affordable drink deals, the music is decent, and the atmosphere is palpable. I’ve heard some questionable DJ skills at times, but ultimately, this is a reliable choice. Prepare to get a little hot and sweaty as it’s often crammed.

Entry is free, but they close earlier than Mangos and Club I, and they fill up fast.


Toast is another popular choice on the high street. Entry is free, but again, they fill up fast. The drinks are pretty cheap, the range of shots is vast, and there’s lots of room to sit if you want to chat, but in my opinion, the tunes are questionable. Some cheesy classics (lots of ABBA apparently) and some jazzy alternatives, so do with that what you will. Not my first choice, but it can be yours.

So, party hard while your deadlines are still weeks away, and please, drink responsibly.