Popular student confession page Penfession closes

Penfession Facebook page

Penfession, a popular Facebook student confession page based at Penryn Campus, will no longer operate, its administrators have confirmed.

After announcing on 15 August that they would close down the page at the end of the month, the administrators have now said goodbye “for the last time”.

The page has not yet been deleted from Facebook, but they said that no new posts will be published.

The page, not affiliated with the Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union or either university, was created in January 2019 and invited students to anonymously submit short messages and pictures through CrushNinja.

Penfession has been popular among students, amassing over 4,000 followers.

The page has seen controversy, with administrators removing and apologising for publishing a post in October last year where someone admitted to sexual assault and asked if they should hand themselves in to the police.

The administrators responded to further criticism of the page’s “hateful comments section” in April.

Later that month, they said that, after “getting quite a bit of online abuse”, it was “getting to the point where we are just debating whether to shut down penfession as a whole”.

The administrators said: “When we took over this page we were SO excited for it, and thought it would be a right laugh. Yes we have made some mistakes however we have always been upfront and apologised and also always remove comments or posts that you, as a community, will raise to us.”

“We spend lots of time on this page, trying to make it a safe space for people as well as keeping it entertaining and would hate to see it shut down”, they added.

The administrators thanked students “for all the kind messages” and wished good luck to the administrator of Penfession II, a separate page which has been created to fill the void.