How to make your student house a home

First-year bedroom | Lauren Taylor

With the new academic year upon us and the buzz of a new beginning in the air comes students moving into a brand-new house. You pick up your keys, unlock the door, walk in, take a look around at the bare walls, and if you’re like me, wonder: “What am I going to do with this?”

I have recently moved into my third (!) student accommodation, moving from Glasney Student Village to Penryn and to another house in Penryn and have once again been faced with the daunting task of decorating my bedroom.

Your student house should be somewhere that you want to come back to after a long day of lectures, seminars, shopping trips and nights out, so the decorations that you choose make a huge difference! Since I now consider myself to be an expert, I want to share my list of tips and tricks as to how to make your student house a home.

Each of these suggestions can be attained on a budget

Lighting makes all the difference

No one likes the big light in their room, right? Especially not in the evenings. Invest in lighting that makes your room feel incredibly cosy. This could be as basic as a simple lamp on your bedside table or fairy lights across your shelves. Many people even opt for colour-changing LED lights – just make sure you hang them up with your newly purchased command strips to ensure there will be no damage.

Prints, pictures and posters aplenty

You can tell someone’s personality by what they have on display in their room. Film posters can show their favourite movies, pictures of a holiday can show that they are cultured and well travelled, and prints can show their likes, mantras and more. Having posters and pictures on display makes your room feel more personal and like your own, rather than feeling like you are living in a hotel room for the academic year.

Third-year bedroom | Lauren Taylor

Buy lots of command strips and command hooks

The halls maintenance team and landlords don’t like it when you hang things up with Blu Tack as it leaves stains. Well, fear losing your deposit no more! Thanks to command strips, you can hang up posters, pictures and more to your heart’s content.

If you can keep them alive, plants are a must

I have to admit, I have killed more plants than I have submitted essays at university. No matter what I do, I cannot keep them alive, so I invest in fake plants. No one can tell the difference, right? However, if you are the opposite of me and have a green thumb, dec out your bedroom with succulents and cacti – things that are (supposedly) easy to keep alive. Bonus points if you name them.

A cosy bed solves all of life’s problems

Investing in a decent duvet, fluffy pillows, patterned duvet covers, blankets, cushions and more makes you want to get into bed in the evening – and not want to get up for your 9am lectures. A cosy bed looks inviting. Not just to you who will have to be sleeping in it but also to visitors coming into your room. Their eyes are immediately drawn to the bed, the centrepiece of your abode, which can set the tone for the whole room.

Third-year bedroom | Lauren Taylor

Each of these suggestions can be attained on a budget. By hitting up local charity shops, cheap places like Wilko and Primark, or supermarkets such as Asda, you too can have your dream bedroom for the new academic year.