Y7 summit comes to Cornwall

Y7 press briefing | Saksha Menezes

At the same time as the G7 summit in Carbis Bay, the Future Leaders Network has brought the Y7 (Youth 7) to Cornwall this year.

The G7 (Group of Seven) summit is a gathering of world leaders from seven of some of the most powerful countries. It meets annually to discuss solutions to the most pressing global issues. In 2021, the UK is hosting the summit from 11-13 June in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, with the international media centre located in Falmouth.

Surveying young people about the G7, they found that only one in five trust G7 leaders to tackle issues that they care about.

At the Y7 summit, they aim to increase youth engagement, with youth delegates from across the G7 nations presenting their policy recommendations to the government, which will advise how they can ensure that young people’s voices are heard, better involve them in decision making, and actively consider the implications of decisions made today on the young people of tomorrow. 

The recommendations will cover a broad range of subjects under four headings—climate resilience, digital literacy, sustainable economy, and mental health. 

On climate resilience, the Y7 calls on the G7 to “Protect future generations from natural disasters, by strengthening global early warning systems through climate stress-testing and knowledge-sharing on adaptation measures, and by 2022 increase co-designing risk reduction programmes with climate-vulnerable regions and marginalised communities.”

On digital literacy, the Y7 calls for world leaders to “Enable all young people to engage safely and productively in a digitally transformative world by achieving universal connectivity by 2025 on their territories, and by 2030 worldwide, and by embedding digital literacy in all curriculum areas for all learners.” 

On having a sustainable economy, they state the G7 should “Incorporate the impact on future generations into budget decisions by jointly developing indicators of economic performance that supplement GDP with integrated well-being, sustainability and inclusivity outcomes.”

On mental health, young people say that world leaders need to “Ensure current and future generations can live in a world free of mental health stigma by immediately incorporating educational curricula changes and targeted campaigns, and train young people to be able to adequately support peers facing mental health crises.”

A Y7 “Side Event” will take place tomorrow at Penryn Campus from 10am-4pm.