Voices In Politics: Constantine, Mabe & Mawnan Cornwall Council candidates

On May 6th, voters will head to the polls in large numbers for the first time since the pandemic began. Over 4000 elected positions will be contested in England alongside elections across the rest of the UK. For voters in Cornwall, this will include Cornwall Councillors, Parish Councillors, Truro City Councillors, Falmouth and Penryn Town Councillors and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The Anchor is pleased to offer a platform to the candidates for Cornwall Council in divisions around the Penryn Campus to make their pitch to voters. The views expressed in this piece are not representative of The Falmouth Anchor, but of the candidates.

You can find information about the candidates standing in your area here.

John Bastin – Conservative Party

Hello, my name is John Bastin, a retired BioMedical Sciences lecturer and currently the Cornwall Councillor for Constantine, Mawnan and Budock. However, following the recent boundary review Budock has now become part of the new division of Falmouth Trescobeas and Budock. I will now be standing for Constantine, Mabe and Mawnan, after much reflection I decided my experience and skill was very much rural based.

I intend to put to good use the experience I have acquired in local government matters when facing the considerable challenges of the future. I want to see that the proposals to rationalise and improve the efficiency of local services are implemented without increased taxation and cost. I have been concerned that the current administration has increased taxation, but the value of the services you have the right to receive, show little, if any improvement.

My focus is on improving essential services, cutting down on time wasting and bureaucracy.

I have a particular interest in the environment and the very real threat of Climate Change. We have an opportunity in the post Covid-19 era to make use of what the pandemic has taught us about the way we live. For example, working from home, but more importantly how local communities can interact at a very local level and to ensure that local need is very much respected in our thinking for the future.

As Chair of the Falmouth/Penryn Climate Action group, I have already moved things in the right direction, with a strong team of enthusiastic people from the Falmouth/Penryn Community Network Area working to bring about the change that so desperately needs to happen now to prevent total climate chaos. If re-elected my key driver would be protecting our future; for example, keeping our agricultural land free from development and giving us in this time of extreme climate change long term food security.

Why vote for me? It is important that young adults have their voices heard in how our future evolves. I would like to reassure you that, whatever your political persuasion my aim is to represent each one of you from Constantine, Mabe and Mawnan. I will listen to your views and represent your concerns to the best of my ability. Please remember that your issues and problems will become my concerns.

I look forward to representing you and ask for your support on Thursday 6th May 2021.

Dan Edwards – Labour Party

Hi everyone, my name is Dan Edwards and I urge anyone from the university whether a student or staff registered to vote in the Constantine, Mabe and Mawnan area to vote for me on May 6th.

Originally, I was a marine biologist and carried out my Masters in aquaculture before working all over the world in fish farming and conservation roles. More recently I worked as a deepsea diver welder and have a traditional restoration and eco-building company. I also founded and run Plastic Oceanic which collects beach plastics and turns them into useful products.

As a Penryn Town Councillor I worked as the University Liaison and although sometimes critical of some decisions, I have found working with university management for better integration with the locals rewarding and well received.

I believe in free further education for all forever and find it deeply wrong that young people are burdened from a young age with huge debts.

I would also like to see our local tax money fund the building of carbon negative housing sold below market price to young hardworking families to give local people a chance to get on the housing ladder and to offset price increases in part caused by HMOs and holiday housing. The Council would build these and be the mortgage provider meaning cheap super green housing for local families and money made for the Council to reinvest in further green housing.

I’d love the chance to represent this area at Cornwall Council level and continue working with the university in a constructive way. 

Vote Dan Edwards for Constantine, Mabe & Mawnan!

David Walker-Sünderhauf – Green Party

I’m David Walker-Sünderhauf, your Green Party candidate for Constantine, Mabe & Mawnan. In 2016, I moved down to Cornwall for a Masters degree on Penryn Campus with the University of Exeter. Like so many others, I fell in love with the Duchy and had to stay. I am now finishing my PhD in Microbiology.

I have always worked very hard to give back to students and to the wider Cornish community. In my first year on Penryn Campus, I founded the fundraising society Mary’s Meals at FXU. I am also a founding member of volunteer-led non-profit organisation Cornwall Science Community.

Now, I am excited to be standing as your Green Party candidate in the Cornwall Council elections – especially for this beautiful area which I have worked in for the past 5 years. As a Green councillor, I will protect climate, nature, and biodiversity in Cornwall. I will ensure a Green recovery and strengthen our local communities. Since interning with the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, I am very passionate about evidence-driven policy making. I want to use this opportunity to ensure that council decisions are backed by science.

Being part of our student community, I understand the crucial role that the university plays in this area. I would love to be your representative on county level. Most important to me, we have to protect our environment and transition to carbon neutrality. I will always fight for this to be at the forefront of any council decision made.

The Cornwall Green Party has several ideas to achieve this: a drive to 100% renewable energy by and for Cornwall, preservation of greenspaces, and a Green recovery. We want local talent and local money to stay in Cornwall. These green jobs will create more career opportunities within the Duchy – this means more options for students at our universities.

Beyond this, our other focuses include improving public transport, making cycling and walking more attractive, addressing housing needs, and a tourist tax.

If you care about climate, nature, and biodiversity; if you want to place scientific evidence at the centre of policy-making; if you want to aid Cornwall’s Green recovery – I am your candidate.

Graham Marsden (Liberal Democrats) couldn’t be reached to comment.