Falmouth businesses rally to ensure women’s safety

By Saksha Menezes |

Free Photos/Pixaby

Following allegations of a threatened sexual assault spree in Falmouth, businesses are taking measures to ensure women feel safe this week. 

In a post on Facebook, the manager of Good Vibes Café on Killigrew Street, Jade Phipps, has encouraged local businesses to stay open late on 24 April after rumours emerged on social media of a planned sexual assault event in Falmouth, inspired by a TikTok “Rape Day” trend.

The Anchor’s initial report on the controversial allegations can be found here

She said: “I’m asking business owners to be in their premises on the evening of the 24th, with the lights on, both as a deterrent to these alleged assault plans, and as a protest against the violence against women that happens in this country everyday. We’ll each be a safe place for vulnerable people walking through the town- whether that be as a port of call on a walk home that feels unsafe, as allies to call out and act against violence against women, or simply as a light left on in solidarity.” 

Some other local businesses have already established similar measures. 

Both Tesco stores in Falmouth will be open until 10pm (the Moor) and 11pm (Event Square) respectively, and all staff have been briefed.

The manager at Greatshakes has also said he will be staying until the end of the evening shift (10:30pm) with all staff members for the next week. 

Both Falmouth University and the University of Exeter have released statements telling students that currently there is no evidence that these threats are genuine but assuring students they are taking it very seriously and are working with the police to support ongoing enquiries.

Both universities are encouraging students to come forward with relevant information to “to ensure our campus remains a safe and inclusive environment”.

Students can report any incidents or concerns related to harassment, bullying or intimidation via the university’s reporting tool, which can be found here, or by speaking to studentservices@fxplus.ac.uk in confidence.