Creative Voices: “I Miss”

By Lucy Sherburn |

| Emily Clarke
I miss those days, where I would search 
For a gaggle of friends to accompany me to the shops 
And we’d scour the aisles for what we’d need 
And resist the calls of chocolate, crisps and more
I miss the achey legs and out-of-breath chats 
Rushing up to lectures at the top of a hill 
And hoping the lecturer will also be late 
In case, despite our rush, we didn’t make it in time
I miss being squashed into tiny rooms 
Shoulder-to-shoulder with students aplenty 
As the typing of keyboards and swoosh of pens 
Struggle to keep up with un-pausable lectures
I miss those seminars where, whether silent or loud 
Putting your hand up was the scariest thing 
Or maybe you’d just reply to the question 
But dread someone else speaking at the same time
I miss the rain that rushed down so fast 
That it filled my wellies to the brim 
So that I entered the library whilst wearing two ponds 
So damp I might’ve been for a swim
I miss thinking ‘screw it’ and buying myself a pasty 
On my way back, from the campus shop 
And shielding it from the sky-demons circling above 
The seagulls, swooping down for a bite
I miss climbing to the top of the bus and complaining 
About the frustrating times and prices 
Or standing up, squished on a crowded train 
Since few students brought to uni their car
I miss the sore neck I received from those different events 
Where chairs sat turned away from the speaker 
So you’d sit, straining over your shoulder 
Instead of staring mindlessly at a screen
I miss after society events where 
Rosy-cheeked with laughter we’d all tidy up 
No one wanted to help, but we all knew we should 
As we chatted over packing up chairs
I miss the evenings when I 
Would just invite someone round 
Maybe bake a cake 
Or else buy some bourbons
I miss the awkward moment 
When the evening would come to a close 
And they’d reach out for a hug 
And I’d not know where to go
I miss all the annoyances of meeting ‘irl’ 
I miss all the moments that were awkward before 
I miss catch-ups not reliant on broadband 
I miss the moments post-lockdown has in store
But until then I’ll snuggle down on my sofa 
Enjoy Zoom quizzes, hot chocolate and warmth 
Snuggled under a blanket, enjoying the few perks of lockdown 
Until, soon, brighter horizons come forth