Super Bowl Sunday With Your Editors

By Anna Muir and Elliott Trottman |

Ever wondered what your editors do during a big sporting event? Probably not – but we thought we’d give you a glimpse into it anyway. Follow two very enthusiastic sports fans through their evening of Super Bowl LV where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ran out victorious against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Photo by Dave Adamsonon Unsplash

Anna’s Super Bowl LV:

Super Bowl Sunday. One of my favourite Sundays of the year and this one definitely didn’t disappoint. 

I’ve been watching the NFL for a while now, courtesy of my best friend who I’ve known since I was a baby. She also hails from a little place called Boston which means the New England Patriots have always been the team I’ve cheered for (it was a little tough this year but we’ll be back). There’s just something about American football that gets you hooked. Maybe it’s the larger than life characters, or the fact that you basically get three mini teams within a single bigger football team, or maybe it’s because of those crazy catches (looking at you OBJ) or even just the fact that it shares some similarities in its physicality to my beloved rugby, or maybe it’s the showmanship. You can’t deny that the NFL does it big and the Super Bowl is arguably the biggest social event in American sports. It’s all just too much for me to resist and I’m hoping that so many more people get into it and appreciate the excitement it can bring. 

But let’s get back to the main event. As a Patriots fan, there’s nothing I love more than seeing Tom Brady and Gronk succeeding (except seeing Brady and Gronk succeeding in New England but that’s beside the point) so seeing the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl had me very excited. So excited, in fact, I started cooking my American feast at about 3 o’clock with the NFL coverage already on. I went the whole nine yards this year – I’m talking pulled pork burgers, corn dogs, mac and cheese, chicken wings, ribs, tater tots, chocolate chip cookies, all of it. Basically, my Super Bowl Sunday dreams came true. 

My Super Bowl feast in the oven | Anna Muir

So after my family and I ate our not-so-little feast, we got ready to watch the big game. And boy did it not disappoint! Brady (my guy) was fantastic! He was consistent and clinical and clutch, the three big Cs of football. The GOAT delivered and it was made slightly sweeter with the addition of Rob Gronkowski suddenly playing like he was back in his prime. 

The kid (aka Patrick Mahomes) had a pretty rough night running around like he was a headless chicken. The Buccaneers defence was immense and proved too big a challenge for the NFL’s golden boy (it also didn’t help that his offensive weapons looked more like water guns than artillery). Huge respect must go to the Chiefs QB who played with an aggravated foot injury and it still managed to shoot off two of the most incredible incomplete passes I’ve ever seen. 

So with the Chiefs underperforming and the Bucs being truly superb, it was big ring number 7 for Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr, pushing him to have more Super Bowl rings than any other singular franchise. So now the critics have to agree with what I’ve been saying all along – Tom Brady is, and will forever be, the greatest of all time. 

Cian Leach/Unsplash

Elliott’s Super Bowl LV:

Super Bowl Sunday. 

The time is early February, dry January is over and for some the weather is cold outside, but the Super Bowl arrives and all is better! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took on the Kansas City Chiefs in one of the most anticipated games of all time. 

The Buccaneers came out champions, making it even more special playing in their own Raymond James Stadium. An anti-climaticbut very impressive 31-9 win for Bruce Arians and his men, led exceptionally by the G.O.A.T Tom Brady who captured his seventh ring at the ripe old football age of 43. 

Special mention has to go to Todd Bowles, former New York Jets head coach (my team unfortunately) and his strategic game plan into stopping arguably the NFL’s most talented player in Patrick Mahomes III. 

The evening itself, though a battle into the early hours because of tiredness, was rather enjoyable. Domino’s pizza slice in my left hand, a can of Pepsi in my right, 11:30pm couldn’t have come sooner as I sat back into my sofa ready for the big game. I must have been halfway through my pizza box when Rob Gronkowski went in for the first score. It still shocks me that both Brady and Gronkowski are playing for the Buccaneers, however, I look forward to seeing the Gronkowski return to the team next year where the Buccaneers will look to regain their title in the glorious Sofi Stadium, Los Angeles. 

| mahyar motebassem/Unsplash

My thoughts go out to Patrick Mahomes, who spent most of the night running from the Buccaneer’s defence. However, his running did inspire myself to go out Monday morning for a jog for when I would eventually wake up. Did I? In answer to your question… no!

The ‘baby goat’ had a rough night, not to mention his receivers (they couldn’t catch a cold). Mahomes didn’t score one touchdown all night, the first game ever since being a starter where the Chiefs quarterback hasn’t scored. That would have been high odds for the keen betting lot out there. 

Speaking on that, my various bets equating to £10 didn’t come through, but hey, it was a one off. Maybe taking more consideration into them and research would have led to me having a better result, not following Sky Bet recommendations five minutes before kick-off. 

For us American Football fans, the two and a half months wait for the NFL Draft begins. My team, the New York incompetent Jets, pick second. Will they get it right? Let’s hope so! As much as I love watching NFL playoff football, I’ve never seen my Jets make the playoffs. This was mainly to do with Tom Brady dominating the AFC East. Well now he’s in the NFC we haven’t got to worry about him anymore. Or do we? 

For those who watched the Super Bowl, I hope you enjoyed it. The sport for beginners can seem slow, rather confusing or “a softer version of Rugby” (which is exactly what one of my flat mates said). This led to a fiery debate at half time, just before we watched the Weeknd’s very socially distanced half time show. Just remember, the sport is beautiful, the sport is equal for all and the sport inspires people from all around the world. I will certainly miss the NFL until September, however, the free agency buzz has got me going. The Draft is nearing and the season will come round sooner than you think.