Warm, fuzzy and over-the-top: the best of Netflix’s festive favourites

By Lauren Taylor |

I confess, I am obsessed with the cringe, over-the-top Christmas films that Netflix produce every year. They are the best form of escapism (which we definitely need this year more than ever) and fill you with enough joy to last a lifetime. I will also admit, I watched The Christmas Prince in the middle of lockdown and enjoyed every second of it. Netflix’s Christmas films give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, even if they are not blockbusters or Academy Award winners. So, I would like to present my favourite Christmas films that are all available to watch right now on Netflix, in case you need a festive boost. Of course, there will be spoilers.

Erwan Hesry/Unsplash

The Christmas Prince Series

It should not be a surprise, since I mentioned that I watched it in lockdown, that this would be the top of my list. You can laugh at me all you like, but I was invested in the royal family of the fictional Aldovia from the first mention of the playboy prince turned king, Richard Bevan Charlton (Ben Lamb).

The series begins with journalist Amber Moore, wonderfully played by Rose McIver, sneaking into the royal palace of Aldovia to discover the truth about the irresponsible prince who is set to take the throne on Christmas Eve. As well as the wonderful characters, such as Queen Helena (Alice Krige), Princess Emily (Honor Kneafsey), and Rudy Moore (played by Daniel Fathers in the first film of the series, John Guerrasio in the sequels), they are placed amongst gorgeous winter scenery – cosy wood cabins, grand royal halls, and snowy forests create the backdrop for the feel-good festive film.

As expected, Amber and Richard fall in love and thus The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is created, following the soon-to-be Queen as she struggles to adapt to her new life. Move over Harry and Meghan, it seems that the most important royal wedding of 2018 was the Aldovian royal wedding!

In the crazy end to the trilogy, The Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, we see the new King and Queen await the arrival of their new baby, but not without drama of course, as they have to find a stolen treaty that could possibly place a curse on their unborn child. What sounds more festive than that?

The Princess Switch Series

Do you sense a theme here? I quite like royalty themed Christmas films, or royalty themed anything really, so The Princess Switch was right up my street! With the same concept that we were introduced to in the novel The Prince and the Pauper and have seen in more modern films such as The Parent Trap, the film revolves around baker Stacy and Duchess Margaret (both played by Vanessa Hudgens) who, as the title suggests, switch places.

The two run into each other in the fictional country of Belgravia – which just so happens to be in the same fictional universe as Aldovia – where Stacy is competing at a baking competition, while Margaret, Duchess of Montenaro, is set to wed the Crown Prince Edward of Belgravia (Sam Palladio). Astonished by their identicality, the two devise a plan to switch places for two days as Margaret is desperate for time out of the spotlight before her wedding. The switch does not go to plan as Margaret falls in love with Stacy’s friend and co-worker, Kevin (Nick Sagar), while Stacy falls in love with Prince Edward.

In the sequel, The Princess Switch: Switched Again, which follows the two as Margaret prepares for her unexpected Christmas coronation and attempts to rekindle her love with Kevin, we are introduced to Lady Fiona, the reckless cousin of Margaret, who is played by — you guessed it — Vanessa Hudgens. Eventually it all gets quite confusing, as everyone is switching places, but it is still another uplifting festive film, that I know I will definitely re-watch many more times before Christmas Day.

Christmas Inheritance

The film follows the ambitious, initially shallow, socialite Ellen Langford (Eliza Taylor), who is expecting to inherit her father’s business but before she does so, she is expected to understand the true meaning of Christmas. Eliza Taylor does a brilliant job playing the stereotypical, sometimes frustrating, character of Ellen, and through her we learn about her small hometown, Snow Falls.

Ellen conceals her true identity and due to a lack of money, takes up a temporary job as a housekeeper at the local inn. Throughout the film, she becomes more grounded and humble, supporting the town when a snowstorm hits and providing gifts for an auction, much to the surprise of her terrible fiancé (Michael Xavier).

Unlike the other two film series on the list, the film brings us closer to the true meaning of Christmas, spending time with family and friends, as well as supporting those who are less fortunate than us at this time. While the film will not be winning any awards, it still displays an important message that we should consider — especially this year due to the hardships that we have faced.

So, grab a pack of festive biscuits and a hot chocolate, settle down and enjoy quality time with your loved ones watching these festive picks. I promise you immense happiness when the credits roll.