Boris Johnson stumped as cricket returns

By Elliott Trotman |

The freshly cut grass, the beautiful track, now let’s give it a bit of a whack! Yes, the beautiful game has returned, as Boris Johnson confirmed last week. Tomorrow is the day cricket players have been waiting for, for what seems like forever.

“If you can go to the pub, you can play cricket!”

With Covid-19 at a seemingly controllable rate, the green light has been given. This was extremely positive news as three months ago, the sound of no ball to bat struck fear and angst into the active cricket goers.

A used cricket ball, a familiar face in the world of village cricket | Unsplash

But now with the return only one sleep away, players can dust off the cobwebs, clean off the dirt and get ready to hit some leather. Cornwall especially can be excited, being a growing minor county. Joe Harrington, captain of the CSM cricket team, spoke to the Anchor in regard to the return of the sport this weekend:

“I’m delighted to have the return of cricket finally. I know a lot of clubs have been putting in work behind the scenes and the uncertainty has been difficult, however, myself and the rest of the CSM boys are very excited to get back to playing cricket again wherever we may be!”

Furthermore, Joe spoke on the risk of playing in these difficult times by saying, “I certainly am not in a position to decide whether it’s right or wrong. However, in my own narrow-minded opinion, if you can go to the pub, you can play cricket.”

It’s not just club and village cricket the people have to look forward to, England have begun their series against the West Indies this week at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton. World Cup hero Ben Stokes has led his side into battle, following Joe Root’s absence for the birth of his second child. The hosts have struggled as the West Indies bowled them out for 204 with West Indies captain Jason Holder taking six wickets.

A fan sits alone in the stands at the Kia Oval London |Unsplash

Regardless of England’s shaky start, the ‘badgers’ of the game will be happy to see test cricket on our screens.

Following the cancellation of the inaugural ‘Hundred’ competition which had many of us asking, is this the future of cricket? A lot of fan’s excitement was dampened. Hopefully, the World Cup winners can pull their finger out and deliver some quality cricket. All I can say is as a fan and as a player, it’s good to be back. Whether you’re playing for country or your local village team, putting on the whites will be extra special this time!