Regaining a sense of style during lockdown

By Amalie Andersen |

A few weeks ago, I invested in a beautiful dress from Birger Christensen’s Rotate collection. I pictured myself wearing it for garden parties, summer days and basically every time I had an opportunity. But then lockdown happened and I moved back in with my parents, which also meant reverting back to my trusty Nike sweatpants, a second-hand Holzweiler hoodie and the best shoes in the world: Birkenstocks.

After spending weeks living in my comfiest clothes, I quickly realised why a lot of companies enforce a strict dress code. How much work can staff actually get done when they’re sporting their favourite loungewear? Research has found that professionals perform better on tasks when wearing clothes with ‘symbolic meaning’, be it a lab coat for a doctor or a suit for a businessman.

While students are not exactly professionals, author Joshua Duvall has argued that, though our bodies might appreciate the confines of working in bed, our minds react to this comfortability by shutting down the practical parts of our brain. As exam season looms, that’s a pretty good reason why we all should challenge ourselves to get dressed, even though we are stuck at home. Getting dressed might just boost your productivity levels!

It might also benefit your mood. Making the effort to get dressed each morning can give us a sense of purpose or structure. Over 11,000 Instagram users agree, posting outfit pictures with the hashtag #goingnowherebutfuckitimgettingdressed. Most of these outfits aren’t red carpet worthy, but they are functional and getting people out of their beds.

Another Instagram challenge doing the rounds is #instarainbowchallenge, as curated by @talliwall and @heartzeena. It encourages users to experiment with their style and delight in the joy of dressing up. It’s also a guaranteed fix to brighten up your feed.

But when social media influencers are constantly posing in their new ASOS outfits, it can feed into our demotivation to rewear our old clothes. I have three tips on how you can feel comfortable and look amazing in what you already own.


Jeans can be cool, but they can also be a fricking nightmare when it comes to sucking in and attacking your stomach. So, my first tip is to put away your skinny jeans or generally all the jeans that are uncomfortable to wear while sitting down – because that’s mostly all we do these days: sit down. And find your trousers! It doesn’t really matter what colour they are as long as they are comfortable. You can always adjust the outfit with a top that neutralises the trousers or makes them the central statement piece.  


Everyone has a hoodie, and it’s so simple to style a hoodie in a way that makes you feel much more put together. My favourite tip is to put a turtleneck under the hoodie or make your hoodie appear cropped with a hairband. Another tip could be to use the hoodie as a base and then build the outfit around it by adding a jacket, jumpsuit or overalls on top.


Let’s be real, we all have a pair of those socks that were marketed for 12-year-olds. We probably have more than one pair as well. I’m not going to deny that I own a pair of avocado and llama socks that I got form the kids’ section. Normally, we don’t have the time to try to make our socks ‘fashion’. But as the need for shoes is subsiding, pottering round the house in frilly socks is just as, well, thrilling. For inspiration, a quick Instagram search will bring up tie-die socks, knitted socks and all the socks you never knew existed. Becoming something of a sock connoisseur is a brilliantly subtle way to make your lockdown more fashionable and fun while ensuring maximum comfortability.