FA Student Foodie: carbonara to get bac-on the grind

By Gabbie Wright |

After a month at home of family dinners, hearty hangover cures and foodie variation every single night, coming back to uni to have to cook yourself a five-star feast seven nights a week with no help from mum is enough to push you over the edge during January exams. Many of you will feel pressured to be eating healthily, perhaps veggie or vegan, going to the gym as often as physically possible, as well as staying up to speed with new modules. This said I thought I’d share a classic carbonara recipe for those of you that, like me, sometimes just need a fab pasta dish to make you feel a little better about everything. Plus, it’s not difficult, only requires five main ingredients, and tastes so much better than spinach stirfry: night four.


1/4 pack of unsmoked streaky bacon

1 free-range egg (adjust the number of eggs as number of portions)

Fresh double cream

3 garlic cloves (add more or less to taste)

100g spaghetti

This will serve one portion.


First, bring a saucepan of lightly salted water to the boil and add the spaghetti. If you’re using a gas-hob ensure the spaghetti is completely submerged in the water to prevent it burning – burnt spaghetti is both totally possible and disgusting.

Once your spaghetti is cooking nicely, fry between three and four rashers of streaky bacon with a little oil on medium heat. If you’re particularly hungry I would suggest increasing the portion of spaghetti rather than the amount of bacon to maintain a nice balance of flavour in the sauce.

Stir the pasta occasionally; chop the garlic cloves finely on a chopping board and leave to one side.

Crack an egg into a separate small bowl and whisk with a fork until consistent in texture, add small amounts of cream at intervals until you have a 60/40 egg to cream ratio. If you’d rather your sauce be particularly creamy make it closer to half and half, but don’t use too much cream as the sauce will lose its consistency.

Cut up the bacon rashers on the chopping board once cooked to a slight crisp, then throw back into the frying pan.

Add chopped garlic into the bacon and allow to sizzle on a low heat, taking care to not burn the garlic but keep it soft and golden brown.

Once the pasta seems al dente, drain the saucepan and return the pasta to the pot. Depending on the size of your frying pan, I like to at this point add the pasta into the frying pan for a few moments and toss it in the bacon and garlic for an added depth of flavour, but this is not essential.

Off the heat, stir into the large pasta saucepan the bacon and garlic along with the oil and juices from the frying pan, then cover with the cream sauce, stirring continually until the pasta is evenly coated with a thickened sauce.

Serve up in a pasta bowl, generously pepper to taste and add either parmesan or grated cheddar if you fancy.

If sharing between the flat, bake a garlic bread in the oven at 180 degrees whilst the pasta is cooking to make the meal go even further and ensure the whole house is scented with garlic for a few days after. ENJOY!