Candidate Voices: Cherilyn Mackrory

By Cherilyn Mackrory, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Truro and Falmouth|

Candidate Voices: We want to give the opportunity for all candidates to voice their reason for running in this general election, in order to let voters find out how they plan to improve their constituency. The views are not those of The Falmouth Anchor, but of the candidates.

As a Conservative, it is natural for me to wish to conserve the natural world.  My ten-year-old self was shocked to learn that our planet is fragile.  Our ozone layer had a hole in it and it was our fault.  Already an animal lover, I was devastated to find out as a teenager that people killed elephants for profit; not for their meat to survive, but for their tusks alone.  These early anxieties peaked my consciousness and nurtured a flame in me to do better to protect the species that cannot stand up for themselves.

Travels to Africa in my twenties opened my eyes to the plague of plastic that humanity has bestowed on the world.  The first sign of an approaching town would be the mountains of waste piled up on its outskirts.  Thanks to the constant warnings of pressure groups and, of course, dyer warnings from Sir David Attenborough all these issues are now front and centre of everyone’s minds and, of course, in this general election.

A Conservative majority government would embark on an era of “true 21st century Conservativism” by tripling tree-planting rates and creating a new £500 million fund to protect the world’s oceans to help meet its 2050 net zero target – in line with recommendations from the independent Committee on Climate Change.  The new £640m Nature for Climate fund would increase tree planting in England.

The government would work with the Devolved Administrations to triple UK tree-planting rates to 30,000 hectares every year – space for at least 30 million more trees. The fund would also be used to restore degraded peatland across the country, turning it from a source of carbon to a means of soaking up carbon, as well as replenishing native wildlife populations.

The next Conservative Government will also launch a £500 million Blue Planet fund, resourced from the International Aid budget, to export UK expertise in marine science around the world, supporting developing countries to protect marine habitats and restore their potential to support biodiversity and tackle climate change.

The fund would also improve conditions for fishermen, like my husband, who rely on healthy oceans and plentiful fish stocks for their livelihoods. I would support initiatives that reward fishermen for retrieving discarded plastic from our oceans and I will champion materials which can be used by them, which do not cause such devastation to our marine populations.

Locally I want to introduce lots of plastic free and clean up initiatives on our waterways, beaches and countryside, which engage all parts of our community.  As a Cornwall Councillor, I am already involved in organising such events and I hope to expand on these.  I hope to work with businesses and like-minded local people to ensure that Cornwall is a leader in this. It is my belief that we should work together on these projects, regardless of our politics.  In order to solve these issues as quickly as possible, we need to be united.