A look back at Jennifer Forbes’ Labour campaign launch

By Alex Welsford |

““My priorities for Cornwall? Take the urgent action we need on climate change”

Jennifer Forbes, Labour candidate for Truro and Falmouth, kicked off her campaign at the start of November at the Falmouth Watersports Centre.

Alongside a range of speeches from local Labour Party figures, Forbes addressed the crowd: “More of the same in Truro and Falmouth is not an option.”

This election has seen the Conservatives challenge Labour on the NHS. Truro and Falmouth is a constituency with two NHS hospitals, and Forbes said that the Conservatives “have underfunded the NHS in real terms to the point that black alerts are now a regular occurrence at Treliske.”

“I’m not a warm word type of person”

Labour has sought to make climate change a central issue in this election, and Jennifer Forbes told the crowd that the government has “plenty of warm words about climate change but no serious action to tackle it. I’m not a warm word type of person.”

Labour’s manifesto has come under criticism by the Green Party for dropping the commitment for net zero carbon ‘by 2030’ to ‘within the 2030s’.

However, the party’s environmental policy – dubbed the Green Industrial Revolution – is certainly the most radical agenda proposed by a mainstream UK party.

“…ensure Cornwall gets a fair deal from government…”

In her closing remarks, Forbes laid out her priorities for Cornwall:

“Take the urgent action we need on climate change, build new social housing, insulate older houses, make public transport a realistic alternative to the car in Cornwall.

“Bring new high quality green jobs to Cornwall. Bring schools funding back up to the national average and ensure Cornwall gets a fair deal from government; and trust the people by giving them the final say on Brexit.”