Candidate Voices: George Eustice

By George Eustice, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Camborne and Redruth |

Candidate Voices: We want to give the opportunity for all candidates to voice their reason for running in this general election, in order to let voters find out how they plan to improve their constituency. The views are not those of The Falmouth Anchor, but of the candidates.

“My family have lived and worked in the area for over four hundred years” | Wikimedia Commons

December is not the easiest time of year to have a General Election, but Parliament could not carry on the way it was, because the government has had no majority and there have been factions trying to block Brexit. It feels like we have all been stuck in a maze and unable to find a way out.  

I have been dismayed at the way opposition parties have refused to respect the 2016 referendum result and have sought to block Brexit. First, they said that they wanted to “take no deal off the table”, but then when Boris Johnson secured a new agreement with the EU, they refused to back it and instead voted for a law that imposed more dither and delay.

That is why we need this election, to get some clarity. We need a government with a working majority in parliament so we can finally get Brexit done, but done in an orderly way. Then we can all get on with our lives and the government can address people’s priorities. Every day when I knock on doors the same message is repeated to me by voters, that they’re tired of this logjam and that they just want it settled.

This election is therefore a clear choice between a Conservative Government that will get on and deliver Brexit or a Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn that would lead to more delay and years more of divisive argument. 

A Conservative majority government that will put 20,000 more police on the streets, deliver the biggest hospital building programme in a generation and invest £14 billion more in our schools to level up education funding across the country. However, if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, propped up by the SNP we will face not just another referendum on the EU but another referendum in Scotland too. We would have years more of divisive argument when our country needs to come together instead.

Here in Camborne, Redruth and Hayle elections are always close. Over the last nine years, I have made the economic regeneration of our towns and job creation my number one priority. We have made good progress in recent years with the new link road unlocking the potential for developments around Tuckingmill and the Kresen Kernow Archive in Redruth. I have also championed new industries like computer software where we have a growing cluster of companies in Pool now employing hundreds of people. We have recently secured new funds from government for all three of our towns to enable us continue the revival of our urban area and restore historic buildings in town centres.

While funding in our NHS has continued to grow over the last ten years, demand for NHS services has grown faster and that is why Boris Johnson has pledged a major increase in NHS funding to address pressures. Locally we have seen investment into our local health services. There has been investment at St Michael’s in Hayle enabling more work to be transferred there and there have been significant commitments from the Government to build a new maternity and children’s unit at Treliske as well as funding to be directed towards building a new hospital in Cornwall to take pressure off Treliske.

I have worked hard to protect our green spaces and landscapes in Cornwall, campaigning alongside residents to ensure that, when it comes to building new homes, we prioritise brownfield sites over green fields and I have intervened to stop some large, inappropriate developments.

I grew up at Trevaskis Farm near Connor Downs and worked in the family business for ten years. My family have lived and worked in the area for over four hundred years. Since I was first elected I have tried to help the towns where I grew up. In the last nine years we have made progress but there is still more to be done and if re-elected there is so much more I would like to give.