Green Party launch their five Cornish candidates

By Irina Krasteva |

The Green Party launched their candidates for this year’s elections on Friday at Boscowen Park in Truro.

This includes their candidate for Truro and Falmouth, Tom Scott, and their candidate for Camborne and Redruth, Karen La Borde.

The Greens believe that the election this year is unlike any other. Brexit and the climate crisis are the priorities of the Green Party’s strategy.

The candidates stated they will work hard to make sure the climate emergency will be the backbone of the election.

“…we really need action on the scale that we saw in the 1940s…”

Tom Scott shared an important message to the Green Party supporters: “If we’re going to get to net-zero carbon in the very short time that we now have left to do it, we really need action on the scale that we saw in the 1940s when we this country was under threat from Nazi invasion.”

Tom Scott emphasised that the long-term goals of the Unite to Remain alliance between the Green Party and the LibDems are to reform the voting system and “to make sure Boris Johnson doesn’t get back to government”.

The Green candidate for North Cornwall stepped down as part of what Scott calls a “purely electoral alliance”.

He believes that thе voting system is the fundamental reason why many people feel that they are not properly represented in Westminster.

“Brexit in whatever form is damaging for this country”

He said: “We are one of the very few countries in the world that still has first-past-the-postvoting system and that leads to horrendous distortions in our democracy.”

That system means that whoever gets the most votes in a constituency is elected to Parliament. Smaller parties want to see a system more like the European election’s proportional representation.

Tom Scott has no doubt that “Brexit in whatever form is damaging for this country”.

The Truro and Falmouth candidate has no doubt that regarding the subject matter of Brexit “the best deal is the one we’ve already got as an EU member state”.

“I embrace the Green New Deal, but along[side] that we need social justice.”

– Karen La Borde

Last month Camborne and Redruth candidate, Karen La Borde, was arrested at Extinction Rebellion protest in London.

Karen La Borde with Caroline Lucas

When asked if she thinks her involvement with the movement might mean she has a higher chance of being elected, she said: “I would love to have all  the XR votes, and most of them have a heart in the green movement, but they are not party political.”

In her statement Karen La Borde stressed that the biggest issue in her constituency is the poverty and that this had to be sorted in order to face climate change.

She said: “I embrace the Green New Deal, but along[side] that we need social justice. And, for my constituency, we need it tomorrow.”

She added that she wants to create regional assemblies, including a Cornish Assembly for people to make decisions about future investments.