Brexit Party replaces candidate for Truro and Falmouth

By Kira Taylor

On Wednesday night Paul Wood, the Brexit Party candidate for Truro and Falmouth, announced he was dropping out of the race.

It was reported at the time that Wood stepped down from the role, fearing he would split the Leave vote.

However, the Brexit Party have replaced him with Robert de Vito Boutin, who has been put into the role, moving from the St Ives constituency, where he was initially running.

There was some confusion over this as, up until this morning, the Brexit Party still had Paul Wood listed as the candidate for Truro and Falmouth.

Boutin moved because he “was asked to”.

It is now being reported that Paul Wood was dumped from the Brexit Party having spoken of a Conservative alliance should the new candidate be pro-Leave.

Asked whether he thinks he will split the Leave vote, Boutin said: “The Conservatives’ Treaty ties the UK to the EU in so many ways and for such a long time, the only Leave party in Truro is the Brexit party and the only Brexiteer is me.

“It’s a very clear choice. The more people find out about the ‘deal’, and the more the truth about the danger of remaining is revealed, the more everyone will want to get out while we can.”

Despite this, it is clear that the Brexit Party may take votes away from the Conservatives.

Boutin said: “We are faced by serious challenges ranging from a struggling NHS … to poverty and homelessness.”

He believes that once the UK leaves the EU, the country can rebuild itself and heal the divisions in the country.

He said: “Only the Brexit Party can deliver a clean break from the organisation our politicians lied to get us into and schemed to keep us trapped in. Please join me in changing politics for good to make Cornwall stronger!”