Paul Farmer launches local Labour campaign

By Alex Welsford |

Vying for votes from students in Glasney, Labour’s Paul Farmer filled the Donald Campbell Centre in Camborne for the launch of his election campaign on Monday night.

Paul Farmer is “hopeful that there is a better future” | CRH Labour

“Austerity is not over for the country,” said Farmer, also a lecturer at Falmouth University, “and, certainly, not over for the people of Cornwall”.

He continued, “It is a fact that this constituency has some of the highest levels of deprivation in the country with families having to rely on food banks”.

Camborne and Redruth have a combined total of six food banks, more than any other town or city in Cornwall. For comparison, Truro and Falmouth have three between them.

“… a plan to tackle the climate emergency…”

Farmer has lived in the constituency, which includes Penryn Campus, for 35 years, and has a background in arts and media.

He laid out “plans for restoring all of our services, for an integrated transport network, regional investment and, most importantly of all, a plan to tackle the climate emergency”.

Labour has announced 30 policies to tackle climate change by 2030 | CRH Labour

Farmer told the crowd of activists and onlookers that the Green New Deal proposed by Labour “will rebuild our communities” and this is in line with national party proposals.

Labour’s Green New Deal or Green Industrial Revolution (the two terms are the result of a grassroots branding dispute) is the party’s commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 via a ‘just transition’ of the economy, tackling the dual crises of financialisation and climate breakdown.

“The real future for this country is a Labour government”

Commenting on the date of the election, Farmer said, “The Tories have not just stolen this Christmas, they have stolen every Christmas for the last nine years for the people of this constituency”.

He concluded, “The future is not with Nigel Farage’s vanity project, nor with the LibDems who, like the Brexit Party, are only focussed on one issue, and certainly not with the Tories under Boris Johnson. The real future for this country is a Labour government”.

The deadline to register to vote is midnight on the 26th November, visit to have your say in this election.