Conservatives announce Cherilyn Mackrory as their candidate for Truro and Falmouth

By Kira Taylor |

The Conservatives have announced local councillor Cherilyn Mackrory as their replacement candidate for Sarah Newton.

Mackrory won 50% of the first ballot, beating two others to get the candidacy.

Elected in 2017, she is the Cornwall councillor for St Mewan Ward. Sources at the event say her speech was less focused on policy than rivals Linda Taylor and Olly Monk.

Sarah Newton announced her resignation in October, the night before the general election was passed in Parliament.

Her resignation comes as one of many with Conservative and Labour MPs stepping down. That includes household names, like Philip Hammond, Rory Steward and Tom Watson.

Like many of the prospective parliamentary candidates who are replacing these MPs, Mackrory will start the election race a week late.

The selection comes just after Paul Wood, the Brexit Party candidate for the Truro and Falmouth constituency, told his supporters he would no longer be standing in order to avoid splitting the vote.

Some have reported that he is being replaced by the former St Ives candidate, Robert de Vito Boutin. However, the national party still has Paul Wood on the list for the constituency.

If the Brexit Party does stand in Truro and Falmouth, it is likely they will split the Leave vote.

The Liberal Democrats, Greens and Plaid Cymru also announced today that they had made a Unite to Remain pact, where they were allowing one candidate to stand from each of the three parties in order to avoid splitting the Remain vote.

The Greens did pull their candidate from the North Cornwall race. In a statement Cornwall Greens said it was “not an easy” decision.

They added: “No agreement like this is ever going to satisfy everyone, and there will be people saying that we should stand down in more seats, as well as people who say we should be running everywhere. We feel that this agreement strikes a fair balance.”

There was some speculation this would happen in the Truro and Falmouth constituency, but it was not on the published list and both it and Camborne, Hayle and Redruth will have a Green and a Liberal Democrat running.

With no Brexit candidate running in Camborne, it is likely the remain parties will face a split vote and the Conservatives will win. It is yet to be seen what happens in Truro and Falmouth.

CORRECTION: There has been some reporting that Paul Wood has stepped down and been replaced by Robert de Vito Boutin. The Brexit Party’s national office still have Paul Wood listed as their candidate for the constituency. We will publish an article if and when the candidate changes.