One of these people could be your next MP

By Jacob Jaffa |

Last night, MPs voted for a general election on the 12th December. It should, theoretically, break the deadlock in Parliament.

Here are the candidates running for the Truro and Falmouth seat:

Conservative – To be confirmed

With the current MP, Sarah Newton, standing down before the election, there is yet to be a selection process for the Tory candidate. The Anchor will publish the result of the contest when the new candidate is selected.

Labour – Jennifer Forbes

Jennifer Forbes is a former BT engineer who has lived in Truro for more than 20 years. Passionate about environmental issues, she used to run a small business based on permaculture principles, teaching families about growing vegetables.

A vigorous union campaigner, she won the selection race with the backing of a number of unions and campaign groups, most notably the Unite union.

Forbes is in favour of the nationalisation of telecommunications, remaining in a customs union with the EU, and wants unions to play “a central role” in workplace politics.

A staunch supporter of environmentalism, Forbes supported Labour’s adoption of a Green New Deal at this year’s conference. She cites climate breakdown and the NHS as key issues for her campaign.

Liberal Democrats – Ruth Gripper

Ruth Gripper is a Knowledge Exchange Officer working at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health in Truro.

She joined the University of Exeter LINCoS project earlier this year, leaving a position as a senior consultant at New Philanthropy Capital, a charity consultancy.

Her key policies are remaining in the EU via a People’s Vote, better funding for public services and a greater share of national funding for Cornwall, specifically matching or exceeding current EU funding in the event that the UK leaves the EU.

Gripper states that her top priorities are ensuring everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, as well as allowing our town centres and rural communities to thrive.

Brexit Party – Paul Wood

An investment manager with a 30-year career in finance and economics, Paul Wood lives in Truro with his wife and three children.

His stated policies are a no-deal Brexit, support for a free trade deal with the US (as well as many other nations), the abolishment of inheritance tax and a cancellation of business rates for retailers outside of London to “revive the high street”.

Wood proclaims that “freedom and democracy” are key to prosperity and that the Brexit Party is about “honouring democracy”.

His favourite beer is Tremethick Brexit Bitter, made in his constituency.

Green Party – Tom Scott

Tom Scott is a lecturer in MA Professional Writing at Falmouth University and also works as a freelance copywriter. He came to Cornwall in 2001 after a career volunteering in Lesotho and teaching English in Japan.

He supports a Green New Deal to protect the environment, more funding for the NHS and other public services and the abolition of selective education.

Scott is an active Green campaigner, including protesting at a hustings event on Penryn campus during the European election campaign.

He is also in favour of remaining in the EU and the use of proportional representation in all elections.

The Anchor will be interviewing all of the candidates in the run up to the election, so stay tuned!

The general election will be held on the 12th December and you must be registered in order to vote. The deadline to register is midnight on the 26th November.

Register to vote here.