Police investigate assault at Club International


By Alex Welsford |

Club International, located up the stairs to the right | Alex Welsford / FA

The Anchor has been made aware of a violent incident which took place on Church Street, Falmouth, in the early hours of Sunday Morning.

The partner of the alleged victim contacted the paper via Facebook to disclose information about what they believe to be a racially motivated assault.

According to a statement from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, “Police are investigating an assault that is alleged to have taken place in and outside of Club International”.

The managers of Club I, as it is often referred to, have been contacted for comment but have declined to respond at the time of publication.

“… we spent 6 hours in A&E…”

Also disclosed to the Anchor was a series of pictures detailing the accuser’s injuries, and police confirmed that “a man in his 20’s sustained minor facial injuries and bruising.”

Asking to remain anonymous for fear of any potential future repercussions, the partner of the alleged victim said that they are “disgusted at what has happened, we spent 6 hours in A&E yesterday so he can have face [x-rays].”

This news comes amid data suggesting that the number of hate crimes motivated by race, in which injuries were sustained following violence, continues to rise in England and Wales.

Devon and Cornwall Police are still conducting enquiries into this matter: “Anyone who witnessed the incident and has yet to have made themselves known to the police is asked to contact 101@dc.police.uk quoting crime reference CR/081432/19.”


  1. He seems to have failed to mention that he punched a door supervisor on ejection.
    The key is in the details.
    Also noone with an SIA badge cares what race, gender etc you are, you break the rules within a club you get asked politely to leave, if you refuse you will be removed with reasonable force with SIA approved techniques.
    If you then punch the door supervisor they will and can defend themselves within the law.

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