“Super callous fragile racist sexist UKIP a***hole”: Carl Benjamin visits Truro

By Jacob Jaffa |

Police were called to Truro’s Lemon Quay after a scuffle broke out between a protestor and the security team of UKIP European Parliamentary candidate Carl Benjamin.

No formal complaint has been made against the masked protestor | Alex Welsford/FA

The unidentified protestor, who was masked and dressed in black, was tackled to the ground after attempting to pour a milkshake over the prospective MEP, mimicking a similar assault on UKIP advisor Tommy Robinson earlier this month.

In a statement concerning the incident, the police said that the assault had been investigated but no formal complaint had been made as the alleged victim did not identify himself to officers at the scene.

… Benjamin branded the protestors as “zealots”…

During an exclusive interview with the Anchor to be released before the elections, Benjamin branded the protestors as “zealots” after we were interrupted by a woman throwing dead fish at him.

The Truro resident, who declined to be identified by name, spoke to the Anchor after the incident and said that her actions were a “knee jerk reaction” and that Benjamin was “not falling far off” being a Nazi, but did concede that he “should be allowed” to speak freely to his supporters.

Benjamin offered to talk to the fish-throwing protestor after the interview | Alex Welsford/FA

The event, which was also attended by a number of peaceful protestors, appeared to run smoothly after the two assaults, although a local busker playing the trumpet attempted to drown out Benjamin’s microphone.

Speaking to the Anchor, two of the peaceful protestors, who wished to be referred to as “local female protestors” questioned “how low UKIP will go” to select a candidate who, in their view, “thinks rape is a joke”.

The event lasted from 12-3pm and was attended by a small crowd, as well as protestors | Alex Welsford/FA

Also at the rally was Milo Yiannopoulos, the former Breitbart News editor and self-professed “provocateur”, who rose to fame for his controversial comments, such as describing Islam as a “barbaric” and “alien” religion.

Yiannopoulos was banned from Facebook earlier this month, and many right-wing figures cut ties with him in 2017 after he was accused of defending paedophilia, a claim which he denies.

…Yiannopoulos voiced support for Benjamin…

Speaking to the Anchor at the rally, Yiannopoulos voiced support for Benjamin, stating that he was running a campaign of “showing not telling” and was exposing “how the media operates”.

When asked about the infamous tweet in which Benjamin said he “wouldn’t even rape” Labour MP Jess Phillips, Yiannopoulos said he empathised with “the purpose” of sending the tweet to “get the attention” of what he termed “shrieking metro front pages”, but that it was “not the way I would do it”.

The interview with Benjamin, as well as those conducted by the Anchor with candidates from every national party standing for European Parliament seats in the South West, will be available on YouTube early next week.