Controversial YouTuber announced as UKIP candidate for the South West


By Jacob Jaffa |

Carl Benjamin, better known by his YouTube name ‘Sargon of Akkad’, has been announced by UKIP as a candidate for the South West in the upcoming European elections.

A screenshot of the now-deleted tweet | Twitter

Benjamin, 39, gained notoriety in 2016 for being banned from Twitter, after sending a tweet to Labour MP Jess Phillips that read “I wouldn’t even rape you”.

This resulted in a stream of threats and misogynistic abuse aimed at the Birmingham Yardley MP by the Swindon YouTuber’s supporters.

He met with controversy again in February 2018 for using a derogatory racial slur in a YouTube live stream, accusing other users of the social media platform of “acting like a bunch of n*****s”.

The announcement has contributed to existing speculation that UKIP is becoming a party of the far-right…

Speaking to the Anchor on Monday, UKIP’s press officer, Kris Hicks, stated that “while UKIP does not endorse the language used by Mr Benjamin in the past, we recognise that he is a classical liberal and an opponent of political correctness and censorship”.

The announcement of Benjamin as a candidate has contributed to existing speculation that UKIP is becoming a party of the far-right under new leader Gerard Batten.

During Batten’s premiership, the party has increasingly associated itself with alt/far-right figures, even appointing the proto-fascist Tommy Robinson as an official adviser.

Carl Benjamin describes himself as a “classical liberal” | Wikimedia Commons

The UKIP leader dismissed Benjamin’s tweet to Jess Phillips as “satire” in an interview with Andrew Marr on Sunday, prompting three currently sitting UKIP MEPs to defect to former UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party.

Farage has stated that he believes that, since his departure, a “lurch towards extremism” has “destroyed” his former party.

This news comes as Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt stated that leaving the EU before the European Elections in late May was still the government’s “absolute priority”.


  1. It is a very sad state of affairs when an extremist party like UKIP promotes candidates like this for a European Parliament that they do not believe in and just wish to be as disruptive as possible with. Even Nigel Farage had the sense to leave them, which says a lot, although the Brexit party is little better.

    Please register and use your vote in the European Parliamentary Elections on 23 May 2019 in the UK ( You have until by midnight on Tuesday 7 May 2019 to register.

    Vote for a party COMMITTED to our place within the EU, Freedom of Movement and a Peoples Vote. You know that a vote for Conservatives would be wasted; Labour is NOT committed to a Peoples Vote in all circumstances and wants to end Freedom of Movement.

    Consider joining Cornwall for Europe

  2. I watched the interview on Sargons channel then followed the link which took me to this site. The interview was fair, the resulting article is the usual chop, smear, misrepresent conformist cowardice, this ‘journalist’ will go far, the journalist still can’t define ‘far right’.

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