5 things Penryn Campus is missing the most

Written by Angharad Treasure |

I have been studying photography on Penryn Campus for a little over two years now and I love it. The campus is fairly large and has a lot to offer so it takes a while for you to get your head around it. There are loads of green spaces to go clear your head after a lecture or a few hours of studying.

But the Penryn Campus still definitely has its downsides. Here’s a list of things it’s missing.

Photo by Angharad Treasure.

1. Spots to reheat the food you brought from home

There’s one microwave in the shop and there’s usually a queue to use it. It just isn’t enough for the whole campus. Having more places to reheat your food from home will encourage students to save money as the Stannary meals definitely add up if you buy a meal every time you have a lecture.

2. Cash machines

There is only one cash machine on the whole campus and half of the time, its broken. It rarely has £5 notes, so when you take out £20, you always get given a £20 note, which makes it very embarrassing when you then have to pay £1 for a bus home. A cash machine in the shop would be great as that’s a good place to get cash out when you need it – for the bus or anything else.

3. Places to just relax

There is an abundance of indoor and outdoor places to study on campus, including the library, the Stannary, outside the Stannary, the walled garden, the list goes on. There needs to be more seating areas to just relax on campus. Penryn Campus has lots of lovely viewpoints which are crying out for a bench, so that someone can just sit and watch the world go by, or a few more comfy chairs around the library to sit and chill out for 5 minutes on a busy day.

4. Places to nap

University students are always sleep deprived, that’s a fact. Sometimes when you’re trying to power through a large amount of work, it’s great to have a 15 to 20-minute power nap on campus and then keep working. Heading home for a nap is dangerous; you definitely won’t make it back to campus that day. Penryn Campus needs more places to nap. This could be blacked-out rooms you can lock or leave a note on the door to say it’s occupied, or maybe even designated napping rooms with bean bags, or reclining chairs with some blankets.

5. Tea time

It’d be great if there was a kettle somewhere on campus, so that we could make tea or coffee whenever we want. You can ask Koofi to fill you mug with hot water for free to then put your own tea bag in, but Koofi isn’t open all the time. The Stannary has a hot water dispenser but again, the Stannary isn’t open at all times. When you have a late night or an all-night study session, it would be great to have a kettle somewhere.