Mangos fight: Bouncers accused of overstepping mark

Written by Jacob Jaffa |

Door staff at Falmouth nightlife hotspot Mangos have been accused on social media of abusing their power after an altercation left a patron with minor injuries.

Photo: Edward Parsons

The incident occurred at the popular bar and club, frequented by students and locals alike, late on the evening of Saturday 2nd March. It was brought to popular attention in a social media post by a friend of the man who bouncers ejected from the premises.

In the accusatory post the disgruntled patron alleged that the Mangos staff had abused their powers by dragging his friend out of the club and beating him up outside. These claims were accompanied by several pictures of the man’s injuries, prompting widespread online interest.

However, a number of commenters appeared to side with the door staff, claiming that alleged victim was in fact removed from the premises because he had struck another customer in an unprovoked assault prior to being escorted out.

Mangos management confirmed that the incident took place the next day, stating that the bar’s CCTV system had captured “100 per cent coverage” of the incident. While this could not be shown publicly for legal reasons, the venue said they would cooperate with police fully and hand over any recordings if asked.

A spokesperson said on Sunday: “We can confirm an incident took place last night and we will be co-operating with the police when asked.”

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police later confirmed that nobody had reported the incident and, therefore, no investigation will be required.