4 Changes Falmouth’s Nightlife Desperately Needs

Written by Emma-Leigh Hopkins |

Falmouth, the least ‘student’ student town in the country with its steep narrow streets that lead pretty much nowhere and dark dingy clubs guarded by short bouncers that try to make the night hell for any drunk student that dares to approach their door.

Sticky floored, overcrowded, and overpriced clubs welcome those who manage to win the door man’s approval and if they are lucky, they will manage to survive the night without getting into a fight or being thrown back out on the street.

Falmouth is not all doom and gloom, but it needs updating. It needed updating about 10 years ago. So here it is, my list of things I would change in the Falmouth town if I had a chance. Maybe it would be a change for worse but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

1. Beach Bar

Falifornia! Come to Falifornia!”. Fal-a-ducking-fornia. First-year me believed this nonsense. Excuse my French, but what utter dog mess. We’re as far from the California lifestyle as we could possibly be. I’m not saying that we should aim for that lifestyle at all, but I am saying that we have a pretty good beach and it’s crying out for some sort of open-air beach bar.

I know what you’re thinking. Having an open-air beach bar in Cornwall probably isn’t the best idea (what with the random weather patterns). But with new technology, automatic cover, and outdoor heaters we could make it work. How nice would it be to have a proper night out at Gylly after a long week of stress and anxiety, complete with a cold beer or a fruity cocktail?

2. Gaming bar

8Bit, may it rest in peace, was one of the best pubs on the High Street. Let me try to explain the 8bit experience. The bar was stocked with all the retro game consoles you could think of and you only had to buy one drink, themed cocktail or otherwise, to play all day.

We need to bring it back. It should have a large open space where on one side, there would be a bar/cafe, and on the other the gamers haven: high-speed internet for streaming, a retro section, and of course the new gens where the best of the best can battle it out for the top spot.  

3. Gay nightlife

Even though Falmouth is a rainbow of different types of people, we don’t really have anywhere to celebrate the community. Sure, some of the clubs have the odd LGBT night every so often, but with a number of properties on the High Street being empty, I can’t see why the opening of a dedicated LGBT club hasn’t happened already.

I know that in the past the locals have had an issue with the noise (and they have every right to complain), but they also need to understand that Falmouth, no matter how small it is, is a student town. As students, we bring in a large amount of business when the tourists aren’t here, and that includes club venues with a vibrant nightlife. They are going to have to like it all or lump it.

4. Late night coffee bars

For those of us who don’t like to or can’t get hammered every night, a late-night, alcohol-free coffee bar would be perfect. It wouldn’t take a lot; we already have a load of coffee shops along the High Street.

What could be better when you can’t go out on student night because of a 9am on Friday? Just think about the quiet night with your friends at a coffee bar, no fear of being hungover for your class.  Not to mention, the locals would love it too.

This was my list on how I would improve the Falmouth life. I hope you liked it, but if you didn’t – you can come find me at Spoons.