FXU election results announced

Written by Alex Welsford |

The stage as the results are announced for the 2019 FXU Presidential Elections

Students of Falmouth and Exeter Universities gathered at the Chapel Lecture Theatre on Penryn Campus to watch the results of the 2019 FXU Presidential Elections.

The first result to be announced was for President of Exeter, won by Joe Rigby, who beat Henry Massimo in the final stage of counting by just three votes.

Joe, who studies Zoology, was visiting London to take part in Bottle Match but was watching the FXU’s live stream on Facebook.

Next up were the results for President of Student Experience, contested by incumbent President Sarah Redman.

Sarah was re-elected to serve with 854 votes, and congratulated her opponents for both running “amazing campaigns”.

After that, it was time to hear the results for President of Falmouth, also contested by an incumbent President, Callie Edwards.

Although she wasn’t in attendance, Callie was re-elected for her second term as President by 551 votes.

And finally, the results for President of Community and Welfare.

With four candidates running for election, this was the most hotly contested Presidency, and was won by 3rd year Journalism student, Allie Guy, who expressed “relief” at the result.

The winning candidates and their contestants shared a drink together at the Stannary. Spirits were high, and the evening finished on a positive note.