Four Binge-Worthy Shows That Will Give You Wardrobe Envy

Written by Perry Wyatt |

The icy January blues had me bundled up in bed with only my dear Netflix to keep me company and during that time I chowed through some of the shows on my hit list.

Soon some of the styles and fashion on these shows had me involved in an online manhunt for lookalikes that were within my price range. These four shows below gave me complete wardrobe envy along with storylines that had me hooked along with fashion to make you want to shop or try a completely new style.

1. Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Freeform. 2017.

This iconic show which began in 2010 and finished in 2017 followed four girls and the mystery surrounding their missing friend and a sinister figure who seems to know everything who goes by ‘A’. The show is a complete slow burn which goes on for seven seasons but completely reels you in with a really great mystery with lots of twists and turns alongside a stunning cast. The four protagonists, Hannah, Spencer, Emily and Aria cover all ends of the fashion spectrum and the show does a great job of giving any excuse to throw a ball or a party so you can live vicariously in gowns you will never own.

‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Freeform. 2010

2. Gossip Girl

‘Gossip Girl.’ The CW. 2010.

If living vicariously through someone else’s trust fund is more up your street than the spoiled rich kids of the Upper East Side are sure to quench your shopping needs. With a similar plot to Pretty Little Liars but with less murder, scariness and stalking. Gossip Girl follows the drama on an online column that broadcasts the drama of the rich and beautiful heirs and heiresses and their lives with too much money and their rich people problems. You can both admire and cringe the 2007 fashion of when the show first began and see the development of the fashion of characters like Blake Lively’s Serena and Leighton Meester’s Blair Waldorf. With many designers reportedly doing pieces for the show up until it ended in 2012 there are many iconic looks that can happily walk off screen and into my wardrobe, thank you very much.

‘Gossip Girl.’ The CW. 2010.

3. Riverdale

‘Riverdale.’ Netflix. 2017.

Okay, when Riverdale first started airing, I was hooked with the storyline. I know the actors look far too old to be teenagers and the writing can be the most abysmal thing I have ever heard but sometimes you just need a trashy show with an awesome soundtrack and clothes to die for.

Riverdale has one of the best costuming departments ever for wearable, drool-worthy clothes. The massive cast covers a variety of styles that will have you wondering if you are a Betty or a Veronica. Though I loathe some of the writing the plot does a good job (on rare occasion) of being inclusive and bring up relevant questions about American culture, gender and sexuality.

‘Riverdale.’ Netflix. 2018.

4. The Marvellous Mrs Maisel

‘The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel’. Amazon Prime. 2017

Though not currently on Netflix, this Amazon Prime show is set in the late 1950s and has enough vintage fashion to die for. With fashion inspired by contemporary Dior and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn it is not a lie to say that the show’s protagonist, Midge Maisel has become a fashion icon since the first season aired.

The show follows Midge through the drama of her home life and her new aspiration to become a comedian. The show is uplifting and sweet and the story completely sucks you in. This show is personally responsible for my collection of headbands and sudden need to get all the cocktail dresses. If you are having a bad day then this show will definitely cheer you up.

‘The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel.’ Amazon Prime, 2017.

Happy show-binging!